Bored of jogging? Want to try a new way to stay fit? Try hula hooping. A fun and great workout, hula hoop has numerous health benefits as well. Explore some health benefits of hula hooping.

Hula Hoop Benefits

Hula hooping is a fun activity enjoyed by both children and adults. Traditionally made up of rattan and grasses, hula hoop available today is mostly made up of plastic and is offered in various sizes, unlike in the yesteryears when it came in only one size, of about 28 inches. Greeks are assumed to be the first ones who used it for exercising. Hula hoop can prove to be a great instrument to exercise, reduce weight and maintain fitness. Inculcating hula hooping in your daily exercise schedule would tone and shape your body. Also, hula hoop has numerous health benefits associated with it. Just place it on your waist and swing it around in a rhythmic movement. This simple activity would not only tone your body, but provide you with a great cardiovascular exercise. Apart from this, the swinging of the hula hoop also enhances the grace and coordination ability of the body. While all the above listed points are good enough, the best is that hula hooping refreshes your mind and performer does not, for once, feels like he/she is doing an exercise. This is why hula hooping is kept in the category of aerobic exercise that makes the body more flexible. Listed below are numerous health benefits of hula hooping.
Health Benefits Of Hula Hooping
  • Hula hooping can be performed as a warm up exercise to commence any household work or daily activities, due to its low intensity. Also, the instrument is cheap and thus, can be inculcated in the daily fitness regimen by one and all.
  • The simple activity of hula hooping can immensely improve your body image. Hula hooping works your butt, thighs, and abdominals. The constant motion stretches the muscles, builds strength and definition, and burns the fat around these areas, thereby giving a great body shape. Thus, it can be said that hula hooping not only tones and shapes the waist, but also works on abs, hips, back and legs. Since an improved body shape means higher confidence level and greater sense of self worth, hula hoop indirectly affects the overall personality of a person positively.   
  • For all of you who want to burn off that excess flab and switch to an hourglass figure, know that hula hooping will definitely come to your aid. The activity activates the large muscles of the body, thus causing higher blood flow and increased heart rate. Because of the amount of energy used, your body will burn fat to fuel those large muscles at work.
  • Hula hooping increases the aerobic endurance of the body to perform aerobic activities. Simple and fun, aerobic exercises make your body work hard for oxygen, thereby increasing the endurance power.
  • Hula hooping provides great cardiovascular stamina. It works greatly on cardiovascular muscles, thereby strengthening the heart. Indulge in regular hula hooping and see your heart get stronger and stronger.
  • The activity is great for balancing the blood pressure of the body. It greatly helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain and raises the energy level of a person. This enhances the integral functions of the vital organs of the body.
  • Hula hoop has undergone a massive advancement from being just a simple round instrument. A new design of hula hoop is available these days which has massage balls attached to it. These balls relax the person and helps in reducing stress and loosening the muscles.
  • Hula hooping increases the stamina and fitness level of the person. It gives strength to the torso muscles and spine becomes more flexible.
  • Hula hooping requires great concentration. Apart from enhancing the coordination capability of the body, it also increases the breathing capacity.
  • The best aspect about hula hooping is that it can be performed anywhere and at any time. All you need is a little space so that the hula hoop can swing without any obstruction.
With so many health benefits of hula hooping, you must rush to the market to get your hands on this magical plastic ring to stay fit and toned. Include some dance steps while hula hooping to make this swinging activity all the more fun and pleasurable.

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