You’ve probably tried a hundred times but are still clueless about what is the best way to burn those extra calories? Steer through this article for some effective tips to burn calories.

Best Way to Burn Calories

The calorie burning process is simple as long as you have the right exercising method and a proper diet to maintain. Since, burning calories has become the phrase of the day, several techniques have come up that suit individual body types. With the advent of technology and the help of modern science, it has become far more easy these days to achieve svelte structures than ages ago, when cardio (in the form of running, walking) was the only thing that the health “freaks” resorted to! Now, with latest gym equipments and trained professionals, burning calories in the right manner has become simpler and more attainable. Although, it is a difficult task to lose weight permanently in a short period of time, your workout schedule and stressful lifestyle can help you achieve that faster. You need some patience, time and a lot of will power for this to happen. The best way to burn some of the extra calories, is to read the next section and learn some tips from them!
Tips To Burn Calories
Contrary to popular belief that cardio just helps in maintain current body type; it actually removes all the excess fat and increases your body metabolic rate. There are two kinds of cardio; one is slow and steady and the other is high intensity. Slow and steady cardio means a workout for about 1hour involving burning of the carbs and not fat. This kind of workout preserves your joints and keeps you muscle from being fatigued. On the other hand, a high intensity cardio involves a 30min workout which burns lots of calories and increases the BMR immensely. Weigh yourself before and after each exercise!
Fruits are known to have natural sugar that gets into your blood and increases the level of blood sugar. Vegetables, on the other hand, have the ultimate vitamin and mineral content. The top 5 nutritious vegetables that you should include in your diet are broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, lima beans and peas. Eaten on a daily basis, the veggies will help you avoid eating junk food. Boiled and salted vegetables provide more nutrition and weight loss than you can imagine!
Green Tea
Not so fond of tea? But, you need this green tea because it has been shown to have calorie reducing capacities! It contains catechin that is known for boosting metabolism. Not too many people like the idea of green tea. For them, there is good news! Caffeinated black tea is an alternative. It makes people more active (hence increasing the BMR and causing metabolic changes!) and suppresses the need to snack between meals.
Swing Arms While Walking
It is these little things that actually make a difference. While you are walking, swing your arms alongside you (make sure there’s no one next to you!). You will be surprised to know that it burns 10% more calories than just walking. Engaging your muscles in constant activity is the key. Walking uphill will only enhance the burning of calories faster!
Eat Small Meals
As you might already know, eating 6 smaller meals is better than 3 large meals. The reason is when you eat 3 large meals; there is still an option where you might feel hungry in between. This way digestion is also affected. Eating 6 smaller meals, you can eat exactly when you are hungry and in small quantities. Also, eating from a smaller and darker plate tricks your mind into believing that you are eating more than your share! Single helpings are the best way to go.
With simple tricks and tips like the ones mentioned above, you can burn all that stubborn fat from your body and tone down your body real fast.

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