Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a candy bar during pregnancy, dig into some homemade healthy snacks without adding any extra calories. Find some snack ideas for pregnant women.

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

You’re done with your dinner about 15 minutes back. But you’re hungry again. The temptation to walk down to the refrigerator and pull out a can of soft drink and that large slice of leftover pizza is striking hard. What to do to satiate those hunger pangs as well as fight back the fatty and junk stuff that keeps getting the better of you every now and then? Since you are a mom-to-be, craving for meals is normal. Further, as long as eating is done right, you do not have to stop yourself from snacking. But most women consider snacking during pregnancy to be the license to gorge upon all the food in one day, which otherwise would not have been possible. Know that gobbling unhealthy food will not only affect your baby’s growth, but also your health. To overcome the cravings, you can indulge in nutritious and healthy foods that are free from calories, fat, and sugar. Given here are some healthy snack options that would surely benefit you and your baby. Check them out!
Healthy Snack Options For Pregnant Women
Gorge On Fruits!
If you just cannot stop yourself from heading to the refrigerator, then move ahead, but only to grab a piece of nice, juicy fruit. Pick up an apple, banana, pear, orange, or any other fruit as per your choice. Alternatively, you can prepare a mixed fruit bowl by chopping these colorful fruits. Or if you are too lazy to peel and chop them, get fruit cups from the market.
Pop In Raisins!
Give yourself and your baby a boost of fiber, iron, and potassium by popping in a few raisins to curb your sweet tooth. A small (1½ ounce) box will be sufficient to keep you on the go for the next few hours.
A Scoop Of Yogurt!
Provide your baby with the complete nutrition of calcium, protein, and other vitamins and minerals by digging into a 6-ounce container of yogurt. Providing you with 25% of your daily requirement, you’ll love to store more of it in your refrigerator. Not only is yoghurt nutritious, it is also convenient to eat as all you need to do is open up a box and start scooping it into your mouth.
Prepare Your Salad Bar!
If you are a frequent shopper, you’ll find fast-food restaurants and grocery stores selling assorted vegetables and fruits at their salad bar. Pick up spinach, carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and zucchini to stuff yourself with. For that extra boost of proteins, add in nuts, chickpeas, and kidney beans, garnishing with raisins for a touch of iron, fiber, and potassium.
Egg It On!
Easy to make and delicious to enjoy, hard boiled eggs are a great snack option during pregnancy. Packed with loads of protein, you can dig into them anytime during the week. However, ensure that you do not pop in the entire yolk if you are allergic to it.
Look For Baby Carrots!
Enriched with vitamin A and fiber, baby carrots make a healthy snacking option anytime during the day. Dip them in hummus or yogurt for that extra dose of nutrition or flavor it with a dab of salad dressing. Alternatively, you can look out for other veggies, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach that make a quick dinnertime stir-fry.
With these delicious and healthy ideas, you can turn midday munchies into nutritional noshes without doubling the amount you eat. Curb your cravings and have a healthy pregnancy!

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