Did you always long to have rock hard abs? If yes, then this article would be worth reading. Read on to get some effective tips on how to get rock hard abs, by burning off the excess fat.

How To Get Rock Hard Abs

Obesity and fat abdomens are the common problems faced by people all around the globe. People envy individuals having strong, toned up abs and they are usually gym trainees or celebrities. There is a wrong notion prevailing in the society that only rich and genetically best people can get rock hard abs. This notion, however, has developed as a result of failure faced by most people, after their efforts to get a flat abdomen. Did you know that any person can achieve hard rock abs, irrespective of money and genetic physiology? Believe it or not, you don’t need to shell out huge sums in expensive well-equipped gyms or sulk because you don’t have a genetically strong body to fulfill that dream of rock hard abs. All that you need is strong will power and the determination to workout and shed the excess of fat accumulated. This article will provide you with few tips to get rock hard abs that you can follow and experience desired results.
Getting Rock Hard Abs
Focused Crunches
One of the ways to get rock hard abs is to practice focused crunches that are different from the normal crunches. The focused crunches concentrate on hardening both the lower and the upper abs together. Lie down on your back with folded legs and feet together, gripping the ground to perform the crunches. Place both your hands just below and to the sides of your belly button. Press your lower abdomen with your fingers and suck your lower abdomen towards you. Now raise your chest towards the knee. Make sure you don’t move your pelvis muscle while performing the exercise. The muscle underneath your fingers should feel tight for the successful performance of the exercise. If you move too far from your lower abdomen, you will be stressing the inner oblique muscles, instead of working out your abdomen.
Scissor Kick
Scissor kick is another method of getting rock hard abs. This is a rather sophisticated exercise for building up a strong abdomen. When performed correctly, the exercise can prove out to be really effective. Lay down on your back with your knees folded to perform the exercise. Place your hands below your back which should be straight and erect. Raise one leg to about 12 inches and hold it perpendicular to the ground for few seconds and then slowly lower it down. Raise the other leg, while lowering down the lifted leg in the same manner. Perform three sets with 12-15 repetitions as a beginner.
Modified Plank
This is a rather tough and professional kind of an exercise to obtain a rock hard abdomen and requires caution and supervision. Get down on the floor in a normal push up position. Keep your back straight and your feet hip-width apart. Do your pushups after raising one of your legs as high as possible and pressing down your chest as low as possible. A perfect position would be one that would make your chest touch the ground, without your knees bending. Switch your legs and repeat the same exercise.
  • A healthy eating habit can help you have strong abs. Consume healthy foods and avoid high calorie intake. Do not consume food that has high fat contents. Consume in small quantities with proper time intervals to keep the body’s metabolism active that will help in the burning down of fats in the body.
  • Cardio exercises help a great deal in burning down the excess fat from the body. Daily cardio exercise can help remove excess fat and uncover the abdomen. Walking, running, skipping are few of the cardio exercises that can be practiced without any special equipments and any special practice.

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