Do you want a pair of well toned buttocks? If yes, here are some exercises for buttocks that might help you.

Buttocks Exercises

Most women believe that their buttocks can add a lot of oomph to their bodies. In fact, it is on every woman’s wish list to have well toned and perfect buttocks. A firm and a shapely pair of buttocks is what qualifies as a good ‘asset’! Women tend to gain lots of fat in their buttocks mainly because of child birth and unhealthy lifestyles. But you have to remember, it is not just a change in diet that will help you lose fat in your buttocks, but it is also a good workout that will help you reach this objective of yours. Adipose collects in all the unwanted portions of your body if you don't exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, exercising daily will help you in the long run. There is no such thing as a perfect butt; however, you will have to work till you get what you want! If you are ready to transform your sagging, flabby, big/small bottom into a nice and firm one, then you need these tips to help you achieve that! Read on to learn more about them.

Exercises For Buttocks

  • Squats not only exercise your buttocks, but also your thighs and hips.
  • They can be done daily without any hassle, and if weights are included, it makes the workout that much more powerful.
  • To begin, stand with your feet slightly apart and hold the weights at your shoulder level. Bend your knees as much as you can and lower yourself into a squat.
  • Stick your buttocks out slightly, but make sure to keep your torso straight (don’t lean forward).
  • Press your feet down and stay for about a second before repeating the session. Do about 2-3 sets of 10 each.
Step Ups
  • Though this might seem like an easy and futile workout, it in reality is one of the most effective exercises for your buttocks.
  • You need a platform to do step ups. The higher the platform, the greater the effects and consequences.
  • Without taking any support, step up and down by lifting your feet off the ground and onto the platform continuously. Do so about 25 times, each beginning with the right foot first, and for the next set the left foot first.
  • The idea behind this exercise is that the power of your legs and buttocks propel the body onto the platform thus tightening the muscles around the latter.
One Legged Kickbacks
  • This exercise, if done right, will prove highly beneficial to your buttocks and even the legs and calf muscles.
  • First stand opposite a pillar or wall for support. Hold the pillar with your hands.
  • Start by kicking your right leg back as far as possible. Don’t bend your right leg at the knees behind you. While exercising the right leg, turn your upper body to the left for a nice twist.
  • Repeat the same with the left leg for about 20 times in sets of 2.
  • This is one of the most innovative exercises as it helps in contracting and expanding many muscles such as the buttocks, quads, calves, hamstrings, etc at the same time.
  • In this exercise you will have to stretch your right leg behind you as far as possible and bend down slightly. The left leg has to form a right angle with your body.
  • You can feel the stretches at all parts of your body. Stay till you can take the pain no more.
  • Repeat the same with the opposite leg. An important thing to keep in mind is to keep the back straight at all times while doing this exercise.
  • Working with weights will again give you better results; however, beginners should avoid this as it decreases support and control of the body. For experts, try working with a raised platform.

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