Do you feel your friend is behaving anorexic? Scroll down to learn about the anorexic diet tips, which will guide you to save her from further affects.

Anorexic Diet Tips

In the previous performance review for the previous fiscal year, digit “Zero” was awarded the ‘achievement award’ for its marvellous task of pooling in the maximum number of investments in the last decade. Size zero is the new mantra to be mastered in order to remain in the limelight. There is a craze among women to achieve the glorious number, irrespective of the harmful effects their endeavours have. With maximum number of women hitting the gym and following various diet plans, those who do not have the “perfect figure”, and those not striving for it might feel alien. Attaining the right figure has today become an unnerving need for women who consider they are slightly plump than an ideal size-zero figure. While some of them are sensible enough to accept the reality, young girls who cannot accept their body type develop a psychological disorder called Anorexia Nervosa. This disorder is accompanied by an irrational and obsessive fear of weight gain that can prove to be harmful. Read on further to get some tips for anorexic diet to save yourself from the harmful effects of the disorder.

Anorexic Diet Plan

Consult A Nutritionist
It is essential for a person suffering from anorexia to consult a nutritionist as early as possible. An appointment with a nutritionist will make sure that the anorexic is consuming the right food in order to ensure fast recovery and maximum impact.

Check Blood Sugar Level
It is important for an anorexic patient to maintain the right blood sugar levels. Make sure that an anorexic takes in minimum of 200 mg of chromium twice a day continuously for six weeks. You can reduce the dosage to 200 mg once in a day after 6 weeks.

Nervous Stress Relief
Due to lack of nutrition in an anorexia patient, there is always undue amount of stress on their nervous system. It is important for them to bring down this stress level and also the bowels need to be regulated. One way in which you can control both the stress level on nervous system and regulate bowels is by consuming magnesium around 500-1000 mg daily.

Enhancing Digestion
The digestive system of an anorexic person suffers a great blow due to vast irregularities in the diet. The digestive system needs to be improved which calls for a diet plan high in fibre content. Therefore, lots of fruits and wheat based food items need to be consumed.

Re-Establish The Diet
Anorexic people face various problems because of lack of adequate diet. You will have to help them re-establish their diet slowly. Start by giving 1000 calories a day, which can be increased slowly as the patient becomes more accustomed to the increasing amount of food consumed. The amount of calories given can be increased by about 200 per day until they reach a reasonable calorie intake of 1500 and 2000 per day.

Present The Food
One way in which you can make anorexic people get back to normal diet is by presentation of food items. People suffering from anorexia lose their interest in the variety of food items; therefore you will have to present food in an appealing manner.

Balanced Diet
Balanced diet is what will save an anorexic from possible diseases and other harmful effects on the body. Expose anorexic to high-fibre, low fat, low calorie options and make it appealing and presentable to the patient. Concentrating only on one requirement might lead to deficiencies that might lead to other health issues.

Vitamin B & E
Both vitamin B and E are quite essential for people suffering from anorexia. Vitamin B is needed to regulate hormonal changes and to keep the nervous system under check. Include a B-complex supplement in the diet every day to meet both the ends. Vitamin E also helps in hormonal regulation and it can be supplied around 200 international units to the patient on a daily basis, and then slowly increased.

Protein is also quite essential for the health of an anorexic person. Protein can be provided to the patient from very low fat and low calorie products. Lean turkey, eggs etc are some of the excellent sources of protein. You can also supply a fat-free peanut butter to the patient. Protein supplements will provide the required amount of energy to the body to keep itself from breaking down.

Fruits And Vegetables
Make it a point to store in choices of fruits and vegetables to serve it to anorexic person on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables are the best source to provide natural sugars and fibres the body needs to remain healthy and function properly.

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