Receding hairline and baldness can be quite a cause for concern for anyone. Read your way through this article to discover remedies for baldness.

Baldness Remedies

Why is baldness such an issue? Why do people even choose to give it so much attention? Well, it is such an issue and gets so much attention simply because an individual suffering from baldness cannot look half as good as he or she did before the setting in of hair loss. In a world where looks matter most, it can really be pretty tough for a balding person to look as good as he or she wants to. While some may argue that bald can be beautiful, it hardly is. Baldness can occur in a person due to a wide variety of reasons; however, here the reasons hardly matter as much as the remedies to get the better of baldness do. Take the time and read on to establish familiarity with a few filtered remedies for baldness. These handpicked remedies score over most of their ‘peers’ in the central departments of convenience and effectiveness, relying on them on a regular basis is the way to go!

Baldness Cure
  • A balanced diet is what you really need to get the better of your baldness. An individual suffering from baldness should ensure that his or her diet is rich in proteins, cereals, green leafy vegetables, milk products and a whole lot of fruits. For best results with nutrition consumed, a ‘victim’ of baldness can drink a concoction that comprises equal portions of curd, honey and banana. Alfalfa blended with green coriander leaves and consumed on a regular basis can do wonders for the battle against baldness as well.
  • If you are looking for an external remedy for baldness, then you might want to consider the application of coconut milk. Coconut milk has proven to be effective in helping individuals fight the cons of baldness. For enviable results with coconut, apply a thick extract of the same on your hair and let it stay on for an hour before washing it away. With the regular application of coconut milk on your hair, you are pretty much guaranteed to achieve your hairy objectives!
  • A paste made mostly from liquorice can be extremely useful against baldness, especially baldness that is more patchy than widespread. You can get this paste ready by crushing a few pieces of liquorice, adding a few drops of milk to the pieces and a pinch of saffron and then applying it onto the bald patches. The paste must be applied onto bald patches right before you go to bed. You can wash it away first thing in the morning. Applying this paste onto bald patches on a regular basis can contribute significantly to the growth of hair.
  • Yet another popular remedy that can fuel your fight against baldness involves mustard oil boiled with henna leaves. To get this ready, you can boil around 250ml of mustard oil along with 60 grams of henna leaves. While boiling the leaves and the oil make sure you do so on a low flame as opposed to doing so on a high flame. Once the oil starts boiling, allow it to do so for a few seconds before turning the heat off. Wait for the oil to cool down, massage it onto your head and leave it on for an hour or so before washing it away with a gentle shampoo!
  • To taste success in the battle against baldness, you can try applying onion paste on your bald patches. Begin by making a thick paste of onions and applying this paste onto your bald patches. You can then go ahead and rub a little honey onto your bald patches. Leave the onion paste and the honey on your head for an hour or so. Once the stipulated time is done with, you can wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Follow this routine for a few weeks to arrive at desired results!  

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