The problem of bloated stomach is best treated with the help of natural remedies. With this article, you will be able to explore bloating stomach cure.

Bloating Stomach Cure

To know how to cure bloating, we first need to know what bloating exactly is. Bloating is the feeling of fullness and pressure in the stomach of a person, a result of gases being trapped in the small intestine. The person feels discomfort while sitting down, as if he/she is being stretched out. Bloated stomach is very common occurrence in people and can cause uneasiness, flatulence and stomach pain. The main culprit behind it is the modern lifestyle that we are leading. We hardly take breakfast, have junk food all the time, and have no fixed time for having food. All this results in a bloated stomach! Today, most of the people are working and if they happen to suffer from bloating, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on work. And if not cured, the problem may lead to something more harmful as well, such as ulcer. If you want to explore bloating stomach cure, check out the following lines.
Natural Remedies For Bloated Stomach
Eat Smaller Meals
Instead of having heavy meals three times in a day, divide the food into smaller portions and have it spread over five or six times. Don’t eat big portions at a time and don’t drink water while eating, as it leads to more gas being passed inside the body, which remains trapped inside. Drink water only half an hour after you have finished the food. Chew your food slowly, as eating fast will increase bloating.
Avoid Spices
When you feel that your stomach has bloated up, have bland warm soups and vegetables, with very little amount of rice. Avoid spices and salts and if possible, give up wheat and refined flour, in the form of chapatti, bread, croissant, buns and cookies, as well.
Check On Liquid
Replace your cold water with warm water. Avoid cold drinks; instead take lemonade with cayenne pepper. Drink lots of water. Refrain from buffalo’s milk and avoid anything that contains sugar in excess. Don’t take many cups of tea and coffee.
Refrain From Excess Fibers
Although fiber is good for the body, its excess is surely bad. If you are taking fiber in excess amount, in the form of fruits or salads, reduce the intake. The recommended amount of fiber for a healthy adult is 25 grams per day. Try not to exceed it.
Increase Exercises/Massage
Incorporate some exercise in your daily routine, to avoid bloating. Walk for half an hour after having food. You can do yoga too. If you don’t have much time to spare for exercise, kneel down on your knees and sit upon the legs and remain in that position for a few minutes. Now, come back to normal position and repeat the posture. You can do this in your free time. However, don’t do it just after having food. You can massage your stomach, as it helps in getting rid of bloating too.
Get Rid Of Constipation
Constipation is one of the major culprits behind bloating. Most of the people who suffer from constipation also suffer from bloating. Make sure to chew your food properly, integrate right amount of food, and have a proper meal. You can get some natural remedies for treating constipation as well. Include them in your lifestyle and get rid of constipation and the resultant bloating as well.

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