If you love your weekly dose of alcohol, you sure have been in the throes of a ghastly hangover. Read this article and unravel the best ways to cure a hangover.

How To Cure A Hangover

Alcohol is the magic potion that instantly sets every party ablaze. Although a select few prefer to keep away from alcohol, the majority love to indulge. And as we all know, anything in excess has a bad repercussion. Bingeing on booze invariably leads to an agonizing hangover. And hangovers are in no way pleasant! You can’t sleep and neither can you stay awake. You can’t eat and your head spins too much, while you attempt to read a book or catch up on a sitcom! You can’t help but yell in exasperation - “How do I get rid of this damn hangover?” Agreed, you are dehydrated and have lost vitamins over the late night, but that does not mean you start panicking. The vitamins can be replenished and the dehydration can be quelled with regular sips of water. The most logical means to avoid a hangover would be to quit alcohol or to drink within a limit. However, it is safer to be aware of the best techniques to cure hangovers in case you lose control on a crazy fun night.
Cure For Hangover
  • Before you hit the bar and gobble up pitchers of beer or whatever tickles your fancy, always remember to eat well! Treat yourself to a fatty meal beforehand or ensure that you keep munching on snacks as you savor your glass of whisky. This will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the stomach and liver, thus reducing the excess perspiration, frequent urge to urinate and breakdown of energy.
  • To spare yourself from the ordeal of waking up with a throat dryer than Saudi Arabia, you should bear in mind the importance of staying hydrated. Drink a glass of water every one hour or so and drown down the toxins.
  • Never resort to popping over-the-counter pain killers, as these would only cause severe damage to your precious liver. The pain killer components react with the liquor and often lead to stomach bleeding. When your head starts spinning and availing of good sleep seems quite a challenge, drink a glass of orange juice. Vitamin C enables the liver to process the alcohol quickly. An energy drink might serve the purpose too.
  • While it is highly recommended that you avoid caffeine as it only dehydrates you further, be wary of increasing your intake of sugar. Your blood sugar levels shoot up with every sip of alcohol. Hence, it is best to keep away from candy bars and chocolate cakes.
  • It might sound absurd, but drinking Bloody Mary might do wonders for you. When the new flow of alcohol enters your bloodstream, your body is too preoccupied dealing with this new alcohol and dismisses the old alcohol. Besides, the tomato juice and celery are loaded with vitamins. They, in turn, do great things for your body and gracefully eradicate your throbbing hangover.
  • Alternating between hot and cold showers provides tremendous relief to those suffering from awful hangovers. Just head straight to the washroom and immerse yourself to shots of water.
  • Polish people resort to drinking pickle juice in such cases as it is their staple remedy for hangovers. Who knows this might work and cure you off the unendurable hangover? Eating food rich in minerals like canned fish is known to cure hangovers too.
  • It is advisable that you begin your session with cocktails and hard liquor and end it with beer or any light form of alcohol. Beer minimizes hangovers and leaves you happy.

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