Hangover, caused by heavy drinking, can ruin the entire day. Here are a tips to relief oneself of hangover.

How To Prevent A Hangover

A throbbing headache, a nauseated feeling, and an extra sensitivity towards anything loud or gleaming, this is not a state of a tortured convict, but it is you, in the morning, after a fun-filled heavy drinking party. Hangover is the after effects of heavy alcohol consumption, which is generally characterized by headache and nausea. And no, hangover does not depend on the brand or price of the alcohol. It is the amount of alcohol content that results in either mild or strong hangover. It also depends from person to person due to the levels of alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks alcohol. Hangover is caused because alcohol results in loss of body fluids, due to urine production. This dehydration, results in dry mouth, headache, and thirst. A severe hangover can ruin the entire day and there is no known antidote to hangover. It can only be prevented and the best way to prevent a hangover is the age-old adage “prevention is better than cure”. That is don’t drink if you can help it, no drinks, no hangover. However, below are tips to guide you to a better morning, after a heavy drink.
How To Avoid A Hangover 
  • One of the causes of hangover is dehydration. So, drink plenty of water to replenish the body moisture. Coconut water is excellent for increasing the bodily fluid.
  • Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine that diminishes the effect of hangover. The intake of eggs can relieve hangover.
  • Before drinking alcohol, drink a glass of milk. Milk coats the stomach lining thus, slowing down the alcohol consumption.
  • Dark liquors like rum and whisky have Congeners (impure by-products) which produce more hangovers, than light liquors like gin and vodka. So, in order to avoid hangovers it is best to have light liquors.
  • Mixing drinks with soda, coke, and other carbonated drinks increases the absorption of alcohol giving a hangover.
  • Don’t mix different drink types. Mixing different drinks produces a stronger hangover, than a single drink.
  • Have plenty of water and fruit juice before and after drinks. If possible, drink water and fruit juice even, during drinks. The more moisture you have in your body, higher is the chance of preventing a hangover.
  • Don’t drink in empty stomach. During drinks, eat carbs, and fatty foods, to slow down the absorption rate of alcohol. After drinks, have something before going to bed, and drink plenty of water, after waking up. Oily food is known to be beneficial.
  • Five spoons of olive oil, before drinking and two glasses of water after, greatly minimize the chance of a dreadful hangover.
  • Don’t lie down on the bed due to hangover. Fresh air, water, and a little walk, is very good in preventing hangover.
  • Taking vitamins is also known to provide relief from hangover. They replenish the body with nutrients.
  • Banana, taken along or after drinks, prevents the onset of hangover or if the hangover occurs, it’s very mild.
  • You can also have a juice of three oranges and one lemon in the morning after your drinking binge. You can also have some sports drinks like Gatorade.

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