There is nothing worse than bringing an unwanted human being into this world. Read this article and learn the best methods for preventing unplanned pregnancies.

How To Prevent Pregnancy

The power of sex is that despite of the malignant side-effects it often spurs, a significant portion of the population gives in to their desires. A few seconds of indescribable ecstasy may cause you a lifetime of agony. Nevertheless, human nature has been programmed and engineered to discover a solution to every crisis. Since food decays when left out in the open, man invented refrigerators. Since travelling large distances on foot was too cumbersome, man invented cars. Since sexual intercourse with variable partners raises chances of contracting regrettable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and more importantly, unwanted pregnancy, man invented condoms and multiple innovative techniques for preventing pregnancy. Sexual urges just like hunger, can be suppressed, but never wiped out. God forbid, if the seeds have already been planted and the fruit to be borne is unwanted, the last option for redemption is evidently dissipated, if not illegal. It is strongly advisable that you nip it in the bud by adopting the pervasive preventive measures. Better safe than sorry! There are some risks that just aren’t worth taking. Skim through this article and close the window of potential tragedy shut!

How To Avoid Pregnancy

Ovulation Method
A woman must be very comfortable with her body to perpetuate this method. Commonly referred to as the cervical mucus method, it entails a woman to regularly check her cervical mucus. It enables a woman to be well attuned to the menstrual changes occurring in her body every month. This method revolves around the principle that a lack of cervical mucus indicates that the ovaries haven’t yet released the eggs. The sperm fails to survive in the absence of the cervical mucus and hence perishes before the egg is released. Soon after a woman’s periods, her cervix produces negligible mucus. In times like these, the vagina appears to be very dry. But as ovulation draws nearer, the cervical mucus gets clear, slippery and stretchy, thus creating an ideal environment for sperm to slide straight into the uterus. A woman should get a sample of her cervical mucus from the opening of vagina with either her finger or toilet paper. She should examine the mucus and check if it stretches between her fingers. If it stretches at least three inches without breaking, then ovulation is on the way. Couples that don’t want to conceive must henceforth resort to contraceptives or abstinence. Receive training in the technique by your doctor or a trained professional before using this technique.

Female Contraceptives
For the sexually active women, it is always recommended that they carry contraceptives before engaging in intercourse. Statistics reveal that 85% of these women that forget to use contraceptives get pregnant. Birth control pills nullify chances of pregnancy with the combined effect of hormones estrogen and progestin. These pills prevent ovulation but may induce headaches, nausea, breast tenderness and irregular bleeding. Emergency contraception must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex so as to evade unplanned pregnancies. Popular alternative contraceptive options are ‘Diaphragms’, ‘IUDs’ and ‘Depo-Provera’. Diaphragms are rubber disks with flexible rims covering the cervix which must be used along with spermicides, which is effective for six whole hours. By injecting Depo-Provera, a hormonal into a muscle on the arm or buttock, chances of sperm and egg fertilization are hindered. Although IUDs are infamous for severe side-effects like abnormal bleeding and higher susceptibility to miscarriages, it is largely effectual in preventing pregnancies.

Male Condoms And Sterilization
Condoms, which are also available for women are more popularly used by men. They are essentially produced from latex rubber and some contain added spermicide to kill sperm. Condoms can only be used once and act as mechanical barriers disallowing semen or infectious genital discharges from entering the vaginal tract. Male sterilization, popularly referred to as ‘Vasectomy’ is a nippy procedure performed with under local anaesthesia. Caution arises with regard to postsurgical complications like bleeding and infections. However, ability to gain erections and to ejaculate stays intact. The body absorbs the sperm cells which therefore aren’t released in the semen. Male Latex condoms are 86 % effective, while effectiveness of sterilizations is about 99%.

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