Are you a busy mom and have no time for workouts? Read on to know quick home workout plans for busy moms.

Home Workout Plans For Busy Moms

Postnatal weight gain is an issue that affects the lives of most of the new mommies. With the baby consuming most of a mother’s time and faculties, it is really a challenging task to make time for workout, much less stick to a workout regimen. The lure of being called a ‘Yummy Mummy’ is, however, too hard to resist; besides, studies have proven that women who invest time in workout, even after parenthood, help save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent as healthcare costs. With hospitals and nursing home charging exorbitantly and all major diseases being linked, in one way or the other, to an unhealthy lifestyle, the need for a healthier lifestyle, with proper diet and enough workout, cannot be over-emphasized. Go through the following pointers to know quick home workout plans for busy moms.  
Quick Home Workouts For Busy Moms
Rise Up 
Wake up early, while your baby is fast asleep and start your exercise. This is the time when babies enjoy the soundest sleep and are least disturbing. Also, this is the calmest time of the day and there is nothing like making a fresh start early in the morning. As the nursery rhyme goes – “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man HEALTHY, wealthy and wise!” It is indeed the wisest decision you could make towards a healthy lifestyle.
Music To Your Ears 
Invest in a DVD player and good workout music of your choice. When your child is sleeping, or is at school, use the opportunity, and solitude to spend some time with yourself. If your child is sleeping, make sure you don’t play the music too loud as to wake him/her. 
Playground Gyming 
Turn your child’s playground into your gym. Some easy steps to follow can make all the difference – you could use a squat or lunge position while pushing your child on the swing, or you could join your kid/s in a game of catch and take the opportunity to run as fast as possible. 
On Foot 
Whenever possible, walk or use a bicycle. If your child is not too young, and can cycle too, and has a tricycle of his own, then engage him/her in a race. Stop using the car for your errands, and instead walk to your nearest grocery, or drug store. Remember, a small change goes a long way – your children may take your example and start walking to school or making time for a workout, early in their lives. We all know that in matters of good health, it’s always more rewarding to adopt good habits early. 
Baby As Weights 
Use your baby as a weight, while doing weight training, and device innovative ways of doing the workout. Secure your baby in a baby pack and strap him/her on to your back. Now walk up and down the stairs with him/her. Hold the baby in front of you, while you do lunges or squats. This will keep both you and your child occupied and perhaps even entertained. You would be glad to see your baby enjoying being lifted and held, sometimes you could even hurl him/her up in the air – and watch him/her gurgling with glee.

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