Stammering is a blight to live with. Check out here the various causes and cure of stammering

How To Cure Stammering

Stammering or stuttering is a very common speech problem among millions of people worldwide. Although its exact reasons and cure are yet to be explored, many causes include diseases like Parkinson’s disease, birth trauma etc that causes chronic stammering and are very difficult to cure. However, a provisional stammering can be easily cured if we keep some of these factors in mind. Read on to know about its causes and cure.
Causes Of Stammering
Some people are born shy and some people acquire shyness. Although the reasons may differ, one of the main causes found in research about stammering is shyness. People who generally prefer to be alone may stammer when they find themselves in big group. They feel like fish out of water in any social situation and that is why they stammer. This kind of stammering is curable.
Lack Of Self-Confidence
Many people with low self-confidence are known to stammer. They stammer because they are constantly worried that they may speak wrong and people will laugh at them. Children who are bullied from other children or are scolded from their parents may generally fall into the low self-esteem trap and think very little of themselves and thus stammer as then they have no control on their speech.
Pressure From Family
Sometimes too much pressure from family may make a child stammer. If a child is expected to deliver high percentage in everything he does, then he/she may develop the habit of stammering, as they don’t find themselves to be able to cope up with the pressure and find themselves crushed by it.
If someone of a family suffers from stammering then chances of passing it to the child increases. It is generally chronic and very difficult to cure, however with the help of speech therapist it can be lessened.
Sometimes a disease can hamper the speech mechanism. If you have suffered from a disease for long and find yourself stuttering then it may be because of that disease. Although generally it is curable, it may persist for long in some cases.
General Cure For Stammering
Develop Self-Esteem
Easier said than done. However, it is very important to develop confidence in oneself not only for curing stammering but also for any walk of life. You just have to believe in yourself and then the world will believe in you. Develop some skills and try to participate in everything in which you can. Winning is not always important, participation is what matters the most. Don’t care too much about what people think of you. You cannot make everyone happy. So be happy and life your life fully.
Practice makes you perfect. Clichéd, but true to the core. One of the most effective methods to cure stuttering is by practicing. Practice by talking with yourself in the mirror. And you can also take the help of audio books and your family members and friends. You would notice that you don’t stammer that much when you’re around people whom you’re comfortable with. So, keep on trying and you will triumph.
Speech Therapy
One of the best-known methods, speech therapy is a process on the basis of relaxing the speech mechanism to reduce stuttering. It includes slowing down the speed of speech, costal breathing, prolonging the sound or word and taking deep breathes before speaking. Join your nearest speech therapy class for treatment.

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