Though admired for its flavor and taste, garlic can cause your breath to smell really bad. Explore this article to find different cures and home remedies to take care of garlic breath.

Garlic Breath Cure

A nutritious and delicious culinary delight, garlic enhances the taste of many dishes by giving them an exquisite flavor and aroma. Think of the incredibly delicious toasted baguette covered with roasted garlic spread or the garlic sauce that is added to pastas, meats and fish. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? Due to its flavor and aroma, garlic has become a significant ingredient for most cuisines around the world. And, why not! It is known to have several unbeatable health benefits as well. Nonetheless, the major drawback of eating garlic is the high level of sulfurous compounds present in it. These compounds come in contact with the bacteria in the mouth resulting in bad breath, or halitosis. However, some simple home remedies can help you get rid of that foul breath, without compromising garlic in your food stuffs. Read on to learn a few.
Home To Cure Garlic Breath
  • Every time you eat a meal containing garlic, pop up some fresh parsley leaves after you are done with your eating. Apart from naturally killing bacteria in the mouth, parsley protects teeth and gums, thereby preventing garlic breath.
  • Herbs, such as peppermint, coriander, spearmint, tarragon, eucalyptus and rosemary, are known for working on garlic breath in the same way as parsley. All you need to do is pop up a sprig of any herb in your mouth and start chewing.
  • In case of a severe garlic breath, chew some fresh cardamom seeds. The strong taste and odor of cardamom kills the bacteria that results in bad breath.
  • Fenugreek seeds have proved to be highly effective in curing halitosis in the form of tea. Simply, throw a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in half a liter of cold water and simmer for 15 minutes on low flame. Strain the liquid thereafter and drink as tea.
  • Following a good oral hygiene is a great way to keep garlic breath at bay. Give your teeth a good brushing and floss for about 2 to 3 minutes. Scraping your tongue is also considered to be a good way to reduce garlic breath. Add a bit of toothpaste on your brush and work on your tongue from back to front. It is a very effective method to remove some of the bacteria and odor buildup on the tongue!
  • Have some fresh lemonade. However, make sure that it is made from freshly squeezed lemons. In case you prefer to purchase lemonade from the store, pick up the best brands, as the cheaper versions have copious amounts of sugar and very little lemon.
  • For those of you who are not much fond of lemonade, get hold of a lemon wedge. After you are done with your meal, simply put the wedge in your mouth and gradually lick it. Chew on the peel as well.
  • To reduce the sulfur compounds that interact with the bacteria in your mouth, get a mouthwash that contains essential oils, such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil or lemon oil, as one of the key ingredients. This would help sort out the foul breath problem effectively.
  •  Eating 6 ounces of yogurt a day has also proved to be effective in reducing the hydrogen sulfide levels in the mouth that give rise to garlic breath.

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