Shortness of breath is caused not only by environmental factors but also those related to lifestyle. Know how to cure shortness of breath.

How To Cure Shortness Of Breath

The medical name for it is Dyspnea, but we call it ‘endearingly’ as shortness of breath. However, we all know that this medical condition doesn’t really deserve any endearment from us and, in fact deserves to be gotten rid of. For a person who suffers from this condition, breathing is difficult and deliberate, when it should normally be natural, involuntary, and almost unconscious. It is triggered by a number of reasons both related to lifestyle as well as environment. Some experience shortness of breath due to reasons, which are not in their hands – like allergic reactions to certain substances. Most other times, however, this shortness of breath is related to one’s lifestyle, because obesity is one of the biggest causes for breathing disorders in today’s world. This problem needs to be check before matters become worse. Listed below are ways in which shortness of breath can be cured.
How To Treat Shortness Of Breath 
Here are ways in which you can ease your breathing process in case of shortness of breath:
Doc, Help Me 
In many cases, it is best to get your doctor to diagnose the cause of shortness of breath and prescribe medication accordingly to cure you or give you relief. He/she may prescribe oral pills or inhalers or even bronchodilators that will ease the process of breathing by opening your breathing tract or making your lungs less sensitive to every little change in weather or lifestyle.
Stuff Me Not 
Many a times, shortness of breath is aggravated (or even triggered) by the fact that the patient might be stuffing him or her with too heavy meals three times a day. Thus, if you are already facing breathing problems, it is better to eat six small meals in a day than three big ones. Make sure those meals are high in proteins and immune boosting foods like fruits (which are rich in antioxidants) so that it leaves you with more oxygen.
Exercise Breathes Easy 
You will do well if you begin on a regular physical exercise regime, which, though not very strenuous, should help to strengthen your lungs and heart. Since it has been admitted that too much weight also contributes to shortness of breath, these exercises will also help you get rid of this cause of shortness of breath. For instance, walking is one of the easiest options that can come to the mind, because it demands nothing in except a good pair of running shoes. Other options that you could choose from are swimming and water aerobics.
Let’s Kick Some Butts 
Smoking will only end up aggravating an already existing breathing problem; surely, this fact need not be told as if to children! If you are a smoker, you will have to kick the habit as urgently as you can, so that the damage doesn’t go from bad to worse. Remember that it is never too late to refrain from this bad habit and, once you do, you will discover that your breathing will improve. If letting go of the habit all at once is hard for you, ask your doctor to recommend healthier alternatives to smoking so that you finally get rid of the habit.
Lavender Oil Helps 
Get yourself a good massage with lavender essential oil. Make a mixture with one-fourth cup of vegetable oil, castor oil, or even coconut oil with about six to seven drops of lavender essential oil and massage this concoction directly on your chest to experience relief from shortness of breath. You can find essential oils at most health food stores.
Herbal Life 
You could also take the help of herbs to cure this breathing problem. Some herbs like cayenne, hyssop, elecampane, mullein, and chamomile are excellent for curing shortness of breath or other breathing ailments. If you are already taking prescription medication, have various medical conditions and are being treated for it, or even if you are pregnant or nursing mother, it is best to check with your family physician before you take herbs.

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