It is almost every boy’s dream to sail through life with robust & shapely biceps. Mentioned in this article are best bicep workouts that must be followed if you want to convert this dream to reality.

Bicep Workouts

It’s not always about the macho physical appearance. It’s about the way you feel. Strong, powerful and fearless! Yes, sporting a set of sturdy biceps is always advantageous. However, that does not mean you have to be the next Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Feeling a slight ‘buff’ around your upper arms is enough to infuse confidence in your stride. Try on a relatively tight t-shirt, check your reflection in the mirror and you will notice the prominence of your bulging biceps. Nevertheless, bear in mind that biceps don’t simply grow like a man’s facial hair. You have to earn it through buckets and buckets of sweat and of course, sacrifice! Not only do bicep workouts spark the birth of remarkable biceps, but also relieve pain around the forearms, specifically those suffering from tendonitis or tennis elbow. If you have been anticipating growing your biceps for long now, know that you couldn’t have been anywhere better than reading this article right now. Here are some workout biceps which are very likely to help you out.
Best Bicep Exercises
Bicep workouts are most conducive right after an intense upper back workout session. The muscles of your biceps and lumbar region work in coordination. Consequently, during the push-pull split routine, the biceps are warmed up for more intensive bicep-centric exercises.

Bicep Curls
Bicep curls is one of the most popular exercises and isn’t too difficult either. Depending on your capacity or level of training, begin by attaching weights to your barbell and clutch it firmly with your palms facing the front. Once you get your stance correct, slowly raise the barbell towards your biceps. Stop and hold your posture as soon as your forearms make contact with your throbbing biceps. Stay still for about ten seconds and gradually bring down the barbell. Repeat this movement for about 8 to 9 times in around 3 to 4 sets. When you feel you have made significant progress, you could start using dumbbells as well. For variations, you could perform bicep curls while standing or while parking yourself on an incline bench.
Hammer Curls
Hammer curls are specifically designed to work on the brachialis, a small muscle located between the biceps and triceps. If you perform regular hammer curls and pump up this muscle, your arms achieve an overall thicker and manlier look. While performing hammer curls, you are expected to stand erect holding suitable dumbbells wrapped around your palms in such a way that they are facing one another. You would feel the pressure heavily upon your biceps, as you lift either one of the dumbbells in the same manner as you did in the bicep curls. After a few seconds, patiently bring down the raised dumbbell and lift the other hand. Nine repetitions for about four sets is the standard number of times that this exercise should be performed.
Weighted Chin Ups
Although challenging, this exercise is quite easy to pick up. Weighted chin ups entail you to hang and stretch your arms upwards, as you clasp an erect barbell over your head. Ensure that your palms are facing in your direction. It is better that you have a trainer by your side for support. Maintain a 5-6 inch distance between both your palms. Hold on to the barbell as firmly as possible and lift yourself upwards until your chin is slightly above the barbell. Freeze for a few seconds and descend slowly. Perform this exercise 8 to 9 times for around 4 sets.


  • You will be surprised to learn that cheating isn’t necessarily bad for your workout regimen. If you bend forward to achieve a curl launched upward, you can straighten your body as the weight comes up. What matters more is that you do not strain yourself to such an extent that you cannot complete all the recommended sets.
  • While performing curls, you could also shrug your shoulders. This does wonders in mustering the weight forward towards your biceps. However, try to avoid shrugging your shoulders once you surpass the elementary phase.
  • Be easy on yourself and avoid hurting your lower back. That is the last you would want to have en-route to big biceps.  

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