Following factors that help you increase fertility can help you and your partner to take your relationship to the next level. With this article, explore how to increase fertility.

How To Increase Fertility

The most incredible and exciting part of one’s life is having a baby. The moment a woman becomes pregnant, the couple enters the most fabulous journey of their life. From conceiving to giving birth, one feels blessed and fortunate. However, not everyone is blessed enough to experience the transition easily and effortlessly. Some couples have problem conceiving which makes them unhappy and depressed. Talking about the problems in conceiving, fertility is most often the sole reason for the inability to get pregnant. Fertility refers to the chances of a couple to become pregnant or to conceive a baby. There is an equal need of both men and women to be fertile. A number of factors are attached to the fertility factor in both the sexes. While a woman should release a healthy egg at the right time, a man must release enough healthy sperms to fertile the egg. In the present times, with healthy lifestyle being only a subjective matter, more and more couples are facing fertility issues. However, fret not as there are factors that can help you increase your chances of conceiving. To increase fertility, the primary step that one can take towards increasing fertility is eating right. Proper knowledge about sex is also required before planning a baby. To get detailed information on how to increase fertility, browse through the article further.
Increasing Fertility
Monitor Yourself
There are numerous factors which would help you in determining when you are ovulating. The most efficient one is the basal body temperature. The basal body temperature increases when you are going to release egg. Keep a calendar and keep on marking your fertility date so that you get an idea of your ovulation time. Performing intercourse immediately after the egg is released increases the chances of conceiving. Keep a track of your natural cycle by regularly monitoring the cervical mucus and the rhythm movement. If the cervical mucus stretches for about 3 inches without breaking, it indicates that you are going to ovulate. Rhythmic method, on the other hand, is the basic natural formula that women ovulate on every 14th day of their menstrual cycle. Having intercourse at these times increase the fertility chances.
Sexual Positions
To increase the chances of fertility, try out various sexual positions. For better chances to conceive, the partner must deposit the sperm close to the cervix. Some sexual positions, such as standing, women on top and so on make the semen flow outside the body of the women. Therefore the purpose will be a failure with these positions. It is advisable to go for missionary position, as the position helps the semen released to be close to the cervix. Women should elevate hips for about fifteen minutes after having sex, to protect the flow of semen inside the body.
Proper release of sexual hormones and overall working of the reproductive system is achieved by a balanced and healthy diet. A balanced diet also helps you maintain a correct weight, thereby boosting fertility. Some vitamins and nutrients help in increasing fertility. Vitamin C makes the sperm healthy and prevents it from the defects. It also increases the motility of the sperm. In women, it decreases the stress on the reproductive system. Deficiency of zinc is responsible for the reduced male sex hormone and affects semen level. As such, males with less sperm count should indulge in foods that have lot of zinc. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D also increase the fertility efficiency of men.
Some exercise is required to maintain the body weight of the person at the right level. Combining a little exercise with balanced diet will allow the release of hormone in correct level and at the right time. This will eventually boost fertility. Also, exercises help in keeping a person active, thereby heightening his/her sexual drive. Also, a person who indulges in daily exercises is less like to get tired or exhausted during sexual intercourse.  For those who are overweight, excess body fat can increase the amount of estrogen in your body, throwing the fertility cycle out of balance. Exercise helps to burn off this excess body fat, allowing hormone levels to return to normal. Indulge in aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming and cycling. However, do not over exercise as it might impair fertility.
Additional Tips
  • Throw your contraceptives away in case you are trying to get pregnant. Also, in case you have been consuming contraceptives pills for a long time now, know that the effects of the same may take a long time to fade away.
  • Do not adopt harmful measures to become pregnant. Be natural and relaxed all the time.
  • Do not stress yourself. Remember, men and women with less stress and less anxiety become pregnant faster.
  • Herbs are highly helpful in increasing fertility. You can switch to them as well. Herbs like chaste berry helps in balancing sex hormones and dong quai help in solving menstrual problems, balancing estrogen level and increasing the chances of pregnancy.
Adhere to these factors and increase your fertility. Who knows, following these simple techniques can help you become pregnant and enjoy the next phase of life as a couple.

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