Acne breakouts aren’t life-threatening, but yet feared by almost everybody. If you are prone to acne, chance upon the trustworthy acne tricks mentioned below.

Acne Tricks

Processes at the cellular level vary from body to body. The sebaceous glands of certain people tend to overproduce oil, which, in turn, gives rise to acne breakouts. This is almost every teenager’s nightmare come true! In order to avoid the horror of public embarrassment, many are hell-bent on getting rid of their outlandish zits and repulsive pimples. Earlier, it were just the girls who were conscious about their appearance and acne breakouts. But, with time, guys have become equally conscious of their look, if not more! World statistics reveal that about 85% of the population is prone to acne breakouts, while 5% are generally blighted with severe conditions of acne. Dermatologists are, no doubt, curing these conditions but not before burning a deep hole in your pockets. If you wish to circumvent the problem without shelling out huge sums, you don’t have to worry. Steal some of the acne tricks and tips mentioned below to start appreciating your reflection in the mirror a whole lot more!
Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Acne
  • It might sound like a strange myth but applying toothpaste on the acne affected area before you jump into bed deters the acne from swelling and spreading. Similarly, you can kill the acne bacteria by rubbing freshly sliced garlic on the affected zone.
  • Change your pillow case every four nights. Whenever you rest your face on the pillow, you deposit bacteria and oils onto the surface. The best way to prevent your skin from recontamination would be to flip over the pillow to the other side for the next night. Repeat this for two more nights and then change the pillowcase entirely. Use fragrance and dye-free detergent, lest you have displeasing repercussions on your skin.
  • Avoid the usage of wash cloths and sponges. Wash cloths and sponges happen to be a popular haven for bacteria and hence double your chances of developing acne, if you use them frequently! If you cannot live without them, ensure that you use a fresh one every day!
  • Brush the hair off your face as strands of hair are notorious for delaying the healing process, as they deposit more oils and hair product residues. Don’t think your pretty bangs are wonderful at hiding your forehead pimples. On the contrary, they’ll get worse!
  • Use a cotton pad to dab some vinegar or fresh lemon juice onto the acne infected areas.
  • Rinse strawberry leaves under warm water and then position the leaves over the swelling acne. You are sure to notice your skin getting clearer in a few days.
  • Determine if your acne is a symptom of an allergic reaction to a certain food product. Antioxidants will help in shrinking the acne breakouts. Rich nutrition is essential to your mission to annihilate all traces of acne. Water is also a potent weapon with regards to obliterating acne.
  • If you wear spectacles, clean them regularly and carry antibacterial wipes with you.
  • Daily use of sunscreen is very pertinent. Sun exposure darkens "post inflammatory pigmentation" which therefore, necessitates the appliance of a lightweight, fragrance-free sunscreen.
  • Apply yogurt to the affected area and leave it for 5 - 10 minutes and then rinse this with cool water.
  • Wash your face as many times a day as you can. Bid adieu to all the impurities that may threaten you with acne breakouts. When you do not have access to water and soap, take advantage of sanitizing wipes. Rinse your face with products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  • Make a paste by mixing fine sea salt with egg whites and then use this as a healing mask.
  • Wash your brushes or combs regularly and soothe your scalp with a good medicated shampoo, which often helps in clearing bumps when one breaks out on the hairline or scalp.

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