Fat has infringed on the imagination so much that it has become shrouded in mystery. Read below to burst a few fat myths.

Fat Myths

How to get rid of fat is one of the most hotly debated topics around. Each one has his/her own take on the various weight issues that is increasingly plaguing a large number of people. To compound matters further, we are bombarded with advertisements, self-help books and crash diets that not only offer, but promise to be the one-stop solution for getting rid of all the extra pounds of flesh hanging from the body. No wonder we find ourselves trapped in a never ending cycle of half-truths, lies and myth. Most of the myth related to fat is because of the spread of glamorous and high profile fad diets, which have vilified fat so much that people have become confused between fat and calories. It must be remembered that calories is the main cause of weight as it builds up the fat mass in the body. There are several other myths about fat that you must come around to before you go about working on reducing your weight.

Myths And Facts About Fat

Myth - Dietary fat is the main cause of obesity.

Fact - It is not the fat from the diet that contributes to weight gain. It is actually the large amount of calories present in fat that causes weight gain. Fats slow down the digestion and as such, decrease the hunger. So, dietary fat can help in reducing weight by keeping you full longer and if you work on burning calories.

Myth - The body turns off one fuel source when it turns to the other.

Fact - The body depends on both fat and carbohydrates for energy, but in different ratios. For quick energy, the body burns more carbohydrates and less fat, while to supply energy for long duration, the body burns more fat. So, working out for longer periods burns more calories. Weight loss depends on the amount of calories you burn and not the amount of fat and carbohydrate that you consume.

Myth - Low intensity exercises burn more fat than high intensity exercises.

Fact - Low intensity exercises burn fewer calories than high intensity exercises even though the low intensity exercises use more fat. If low intensity exercises are done for long periods, only then can it help in burning fat calories leading to weight loss.

Myth - Fat can cause heart diseases and cancer.

Fact - A healthy body requires fat, but in moderate quantities. If the fat intake is cut down totally, then it can also be harmful for the body. Only those who are suffering from weight issues should cut down or do away with their fat intake. For active people, 50 to 70 grams of fat every day won’t lead to heart diseases and cancer.

Myth - All types of fat are bad for the body.

Fact - Even though all types of fats are caloric, there are some fats which are necessary for the body and have far greater health benefits. Monounsaturated fat is health protective, while saturated fats from greasy foods contribute towards more amounts of calories.

Myth - Fat harms the body more than being thin.

Fact - Various studies and surveys show that people have a far greater risk of death because of their weight if they are thin than if they are obese.

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