If your stiff neck has been bothering you for a while now, then trailing down the following ways on how to get rid of a stiff neck should give you much needed respite.

How To Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck

How often have you felt bogged down with the weight of the entire world resting on your shoulders or neck, for that matter? Does work sometimes feel like a pain in the neck to you, literally? If yes, then maybe it’s time to pull the brakes and take a chill-pill! Overwork, stress and at times laziness can leave your neck strained and screaming for liberation. The only way to loosen up the knots is to take an off and break the monotony. A stiff neck is deemed as one of the potential workplace hazards that can not only leave you in pain, but can also make movements very difficult for you. If you wish to keep strain and stagnation from setting in your life and your neck for that matter, get on to your heels and indulge in a healthy workplace fitness regime. You neck will thank you for this. If you have been suffering from a stiff neck, then the following tips on how to do away with a rigid neck should offer you much-needed relief.
Getting Rid Of A Stiff Neck 
  • Anything, right from staring at the computer for too long to sleeping in odd positions can leave your neck knotted. One of the best ways to beat this body bummer is to adjust your computer screens to a comfortable position, or change your sleeping posture to a more relaxed position. However, if your sore neck spells out too much trouble for you, then opting for stiff neck exercises like side tilts, back tilts, neck rotation and even forward resistance can leave you feeling better. Nevertheless, make sure to consult a doctor before turning your neck, as any wrong movement could leave your neck twisted for good.
  • Tied down with a cramped neck? If yes, try a hot and cold compress and get your neck back in order. You can use a hot compress to alleviate the pain and soreness from the neck. Nonetheless, if you notice any inflammation on your neck, then you can always resort to ice compress for a quick relief.
  • You must have heard of the saying, “If you are craning you are probably straining”. Long hours in the office and or even on the phone can leave your neck feeling stiff. Just get up from your chair, take a quick stroll down the office corridor, and adjust all the things you need to work on so that you get a chance to poke your head out of the line every once in a while. Doing so would get rid of the stiffness soon.
  • Sometimes something as rejuvenating as a hot shower can relax your tensed neck and leave you feeling better. A real good rubdown is believed to be equally effective. You can visit a physiotherapist or go for chiropractic treatment on the advice of a doctor if you want.
  • Changing your pillow can also do the trick at times. If you are fond of sleeping in the spongy comfort of your soft pillow, then maybe it's time you switched on to a light pillow for a better feeling. However, if your neck pain is really bad, then opting for an orthopedic pillow may help.

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