Looking to ditch the puffiness under your eyes for good? If yes, explore this write-up on how to get rid of puffy eyes and say goodbye to this beauty woe forever.

Puffiness Under Eyes

Whether you are rebounding from a long night or just wish to camouflage your tear-puffed eyes, nothing can save the visual damage better than some handy tips and an organized lifestyle. Instead of applying layers and layers of eye makeup and looking hideously overdone and attracting unwanted attention towards your eye bulge, isn’t it good if you could just shrink down the puff before you stepped out of the house? You can always bet on under-eye creams to fix this beauty blue, but these topical creams take at least 12 hours to work and if a quick fix is what you are looking for then these creams, lotions and gels aren’t your bet. If you have been slogging past bed time or partying till the wee hours of the morning, then the only way you could mend your eye is by catching enough early morning sleep. However, if your sullen eyes are the upshot of poor diet, stress and dehydration, then scrolling down the following tips on how to get rid of puffy eyes should fix your woe.
How To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes 
  • While swilling a mug-full of coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks can leave you with pouched peepers, dabbing some caffeine under your eyes can conversely leave your eyes looking refreshed. Applying caffeine won’t just help to deflate your eye bulge, but will also help to firm up the loose skin around the eyes. Just get hold of some black tea bags, freeze it for an hour inside the refrigerator and then hold it on top of your eyes for five minutes. This would take off the puffiness from your eyes, leaving your eyes livened up in an instant.  Under-eye creams containing caffeine are also effective.
  • Getting late for the office party, but cannot step out of your house with those hideous puffs? If yes, grab your teaspoons and push them inside the freezer and wait for 30 minutes. Place the spoons on your eyes and relax for a few minutes. The frosty effect of the metal should shrink the puffiness. If you cannot afford to wait for 30 minutes to battle your eye bulge, then just grab a bag of frozen peas from your fridge and treat your eyes to this cold pack. This should work for you when in real haste!
  • If you simply loathe the sight of your eyes, then cutting down on the booze and late night parties should leave you with a better picture of yourself. Alcohol contributes majorly to the swelling and puffiness of the eyes. So, the next time you are out with your friends, just stick to a glass of cocktail. And yes, don’t forget to guzzle loads of water as staying hydrated is one of the better ways to fight under eye bulge and salve the visual damage.
  • Okay, so you cannot do without fries and pickles for dinner. But do you realize that consuming excess salty food can leave you with puffed eyes the next morning? If you wish to save yourself from this beauty blight, then cutting down on your sodium intake should save you. Watch your salt intake and load up your plate with vitamin B rich foods that are known to be nature’s best cures against facial and eye bloating.
  • If you really wish to intensify your eyes in an instant, just try massaging your peepers! Using your ring finger, gently push your way from inner to the outer corners of your eyes. Lift your finger to the temple of your head and then go down to the jaw. This should help the fluids loosen up and rush out from your eye-zone.
  • One quick cosmetic fix for puffy eyes is to coat your upper lids with several coats of mascara and eyeliner. That should divert all the unwanted attention from pooling under your eyes.

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