Facial fat is indeed a big beauty bummer. If you are looking for ways to lose face fat without going on crash diet, then this write-up on how to lose face fat should save your day.

How To Lose Face Fat

You may have the most gorgeous skin tone, the most ravishing eyes and a svelte nose, good enough to give Carmen Electra some heartburn, but even the most prettiest of peepers and the most pronounced cheekbones can be sidelined by uh-not-so-sexy facial fat at times. Doesn’t matter how much blush and bronze you dab, there is very little you can do to camouflage the baggy chin or fix the apple-round cheek. If you are embarrassed about your burly facial features and don’t mind getting under a knife to slash off the extra facial pounds, then this article can turn out to be a life-changing event for you. Agreed, facial fat is indeed a big aesthetic embarrassment! Thanks to stress, saltines, junk food, alcohol, smoke and poor sleep, you can soon end up looking like an overinflated balloon, all set to burst. If you are hunting for a fat-torching plan to take off those extra pounds from your face without starving yourself to death or feeding yourself on bizarre weight-loss supplements, then scrolling down this article should leave you with more cues on how to go about it.
Losing Face Fat
  • Do you hate your Facebook display picture and wish you could find a way to beat your chubby cheeks and double chin? Well, before you set yourself for a facial butchering, just grab gallons of water and guzzle it down. This is sure to subtract pounds from your face. Hydrating yourself is probably the best way to deflate your bloated features and make you look good. Just guzzle at least eight glasses of water every day to kick-start your metabolism and flush out the unnecessary toxins out of your body. Water has zero calories and no sodium, making it the perfect slim-down drink. If plain water isn’t really your potion, you can always use lemon wedges and mint sprigs to pump it up.
  • If you wish to slash off extra pounds from your cheeks and chin, just eat! Contrary to what most people think, eating doesn’t lead to weight gain, not at least if you eat right! Just raid the supermarket aisles, grab all the fresh fruits, raw veggies, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and treat yourself to this enriching cocktail of powerful nutrients like amino acids, enzymes, minerals, fibers etc. Raw nutrients will help to clean up your gut, metabolize excess fat, detoxify your liver, alleviate stress and reverse ageing. Low sodium and high potassium content in raw foods actually helps the body to pass out all the excess water, leaving you with a glowing skin and a beautiful face to boot.
  • Too much of boozing won’t just leave you with an expanded waistline, but an ugly facial pudge as well. Peel off a few extra pounds from your face by dumping the beer pint right away and save calories from piling up on your face. Alcohol tends to desiccate the body, leaving it high and dry. What’s more, alcohol contains high calories that stack up fat on your waist, bust, arms, chin, cheeks and everywhere, making you look like bloated.
  • Baby fat or not, extra adipose tissues on your face is an absolute bummer. If you wish to dump the facial flab for good, cut out on all white grain products like white rice, sandwich rolls, spaghetti and more and get a slimmer face in a couple of weeks. Watch what you eat and you won’t end up binging more on sugar candies and beer. Eat healthy and eat with a mind to feed your muscles and body with good fuel!

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