Face pimples are quite easy to get rid of with the right treatment. Read below to know about face pimples treatment.

Treatment For Face Pimples

There is a very popular misconception that pimples are caused mainly due to dirt. So, many people who develop pimples think that washing the face regularly will cure them from the pimples. This, as they realize later, proves to be a futile endeavor as instead of treating the pimples the washing leaves the face dry, sore, and more prone to pimples as the water removes the oil from the skin. Nor do pimples arise from binging on chocolate and junk foods. The main cause is far more complicated. Inside the skin pore there is a gland called the sebaceous gland that produces sebum. Sebum is nothing but the oil that keeps the skin moisturized and protects it from various attacks. Pimples arise when the accumulation of dead skin cells blocks the pores, especially during puberty when the skin is thick. The sebaceous gland also starts producing excess sebum behind the blockage. These sebum harbors the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which causes pimple and acne. Unlike acne, pimples are temporary and easier to cure. There are also a variety of treatment options available that you can go for. Read below to know what the various treatment options available are.
Face Pimples Treatment 
  • Since, pimples are not caused by dirt, so wash the face no more than two times a day. Washing the face too often can aggravate pimples more because it can wash the skin oil and make the face dry and sore.
  • There are various creams, gels, and lotions that you can get over the counter. These medications contain a bleaching agent called benzoyl peroxide, which works against the pimples. Don’t start off with a high strength as it can irritate the skin.
  • If over-the-counter medications don’t work then you should consult a physician. On the advice of the doctor, you can go for antibiotics. The prescription medications should be used for two months at least.
  • Pimples treatments take a lot of time to heal and so the medications should be taken for several months.
  • Stress can also cause pimples and so you should avoid any undue stress to treat it. Meditation and yoga are very good ways in which you can relieve stress.
  • Be careful on whatever you apply on your face. This includes heavy cosmetics and various other beauty products. You should also stay away from suntan oils. However, you can use oil free moisturizers if you have an oily skin.
  • Include a healthy and balanced diet in your regime. Nutritious foods will improve the health of the skin. Though chocolate and fried foods do not cause pimples it is better to avoid them to be on the safe side. Increase the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. A diet rich in cottage cheese, fish and yogurt can clean the system and help in warding off the pimples.
  • You should regularly exfoliate the skin to get rid of the dead cells. This can be done by rubbing a piece of lemon on the skin. The bleaching properties of lemon can reduce the prominence of the scars.
  • Taking a spoonful of honey mixed in rosewater is also a good way to clear the skin.
  • Face packs made of fruits and vegetables are also a good way to cure the pimples scars.
  • Pimples can also be treated effectively treated with niacin and vitamin A. Take a diet that is rich in these vitamins. In addition, 400 mg of vitamin E is also very effective in curing pimple. You can also take 50 mg of therapeutic zinc capsules or tablet.

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