Red, itchy bumps on your skin can be a symptom of nasty dry skin rashes. Check out the causes of dry skin rashes on the face to alleviate this skin rash for good.

Dry Skin Rash On Face

Ever seen dry, red cracks and unsightly patches on your skin and sat down to wonder what caused these sudden inflammations? Hideous hives and nasty red bumps on the skin are nothing unusual and may often be an indication of skin rashes. Anything from biting chill, harsh soap bars to air fresheners can cause your skin to crack, peel and go red. Red itchy bumps and patches on the facial skin can be very annoying. Apart from marring your looks, it can cause severe itching, tingling and burning of the skin. Poor hygiene, over washing of the skin and even over exposure to the sun can wreck havoc on your skin. If you are susceptible to scaly, itchy bumps and would like to get rid of this skin woe for good, checking out more on the causes of dry skin face rash can help you deal with this skin blight better. Read on to know more on this.
Causes Of Dry Skin Rash On Face 
  • Does your skin get dry and itchy every time you try a new body lotion or soap and or get an ugly rash every time you try a new makeup? If yes, then beware, for your skin may be highly sensitive and potently allergic to certain chemicals in these toiletries. Deemed as one of the most common causes of skin rashes, allergic rash can cause severe itching, tingling and swelling on the face and is not just confined to cosmetics alone. Even food and allergies can trigger severe rashes and cause red blotches on the skin.  In that case you have to find out the potent allergen in your cream, soap, food and environment and stay away from it.
  • Red itchy bumps and horrid patches on skin can often be the achievement of some infectious virus like poxvirus, herpes simplex virus and human papillomavirus. If you have an impaired immune system, then viral skin infection is likely to be slightly more aggressive. Skin rashes due to viral skin infections may vary in their severity and may often be accompanied by other diseases like shingles, cold sores, dengue, genital herpes and more.
  • Your flushed cheeks may not always be the upshot of a sudden embarrassment or too much alcohol, and at times may indicate towards a more severe case of rosacea. Right from heredity to over exposure to sunlight, to extreme temperature, stress, spicy food, cosmetics and skin sensitivity can trigger rosacea and lead to acne like rashes on the skin.
  • Got itchy, bumpy skin? Blame it on hormones. Everything, right from menopause to thyroid to puberty and pregnancy can wreck havoc on the skin. Since all these conditions are marked by severe imbalance in hormonal levels in the body, it can trigger many unwanted changes on the skin and can lead to breakouts, hives, and ugly rashes.
  • Skin rashes may at times be the upshot of an allergic reaction to a drug therapy. Several antibiotics, angiotensin, aspirin, enzymes, anticonvulsants and sulfonamide derivatives may cause skin rashes on the face. These drug rashes are often the result of severe side effects that causes the skin to peel, hive or go red.

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