The symptoms of heat rash are easy to identify as they are quite evident on your skin. Explore the article to find the signs and symptoms of a heat rash.

Heat Rash Symptoms

The appearance of clusters of small red dots or pimples on your body is one of the sure shot signs of heat rash. Heat rashes leave the skin prickly and intensely itchy and are more common in babies and children. However, adults can also suffer from the skin trouble. Excess perspiration is the main factor that leads to occurrence of rashes. It leads to trapping of sweat beneath the skin, causing damage to the cells on the surface of the skin. The symptoms of heat rash are rather easy to identify and generally, disappear within a few days. Explore the article to explore all about the symptoms of heat rash.
Signs & Symptoms Of Heat Rash
Miliaria Rubra
Miliaria Rubra is the most common type of heat rash. It occurs when the sweat ducts in the outer layer of the skin, called epidermis, get blocked. This leads to a local inflammatory reaction, which causes blister like lesions and inflammation around that area. The affected area displays a typical red color. The symptoms of Miliaraia Rubra can be read as:
  • Intense itching, accompanied by lack of sweating in the affected area, a condition called anhidrosis
  • The victim may experience heat exhaustion, if the condition spreads to a larger area of the body.
Miliaria Profunda
Miliaria Rubra, in a more severe form, is known as Miliaria Profunda. This type of rash affects the deeper layer of the skin dermis. The rash is also called wildfire by many, due to its tendency to spread very fast and occur at the same body part repeatedly. There is a great risk of exhaustion with the rash's growth. The symptoms of MIliaria Profunda can be read as the following:
  • The first signs are visible only after some sort of physical exertion, which makes the body to sweat. As the body begins to sweat, the rash appears.
  • The lesions are firm and large, resembling goose bumps. The affected area becomes pink in color.
  • Symptoms like nausea, dizziness and a rapid pulse are exhibited, if the rash persists.
Miliaria Crystallina
Miliaria Crystallina is another common form of heat rash and is milder in nature. It occurs in the most superficial layer of skin known as stratum corneum. The lesions break open easily, whenever the sweat ducts get blocked. However, no pain or itching is caused. The symptoms of Miliaria Crystallina can be read as:
  • This type of rash occurs in the form of minute, clear blisters, papules and superficial vesicles, even as no inflammatory reaction is experienced.
  • The rash occurs and disappears on its own, depending upon the humidity in the climate.
Common Symptoms
Some of the common signs of heat rash are: 
  • Skin itching
  • Skin prickling
  • Small red bumps
  • Clusters of red bumps 
Tips To Treat Heat Rash
  • The best way to treat a heat rash is to keep the skin cool. Allow the skin to breathe and don’t cover it with too much clothing. Light colored cotton fabric or linen should be worn.
  • Add mint essential oil in your bathing water for some freshness, before you take bath.
  • Use only water based light lotions and apply liberal doses of powder on your body.

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