Consider half the battle won if you can diet while breastfeeding! Use some of these breastfeeding dieting tips to make yourself look as good as you feel.

Dieting While Breastfeeding

It seemed just a few days ago that you were pregnant and now that the baby is born, you can’t wait to get back in shape. If you feel figure conscious already then don’t wait – it is time to start all over again! Agreed, it’s probably the best feeling in the world to be mother, but it is equally important to look as good as you feel. Breastfeeding, caring for the baby, erratic sleep timings and all the physical and emotional stress that comes with motherhood can send your dieting plans out of the window! You might also wonder as to how safe it is to diet while breastfeeding. This, indeed, is a big question because it concerns both you and your baby’s health. However, with the right diet plan it is possible to shed all that pregnancy fat in a healthy way. Remember exercise must go along with the diet to keep any health problems at bay. If you are looking to tricking your body into losing weight, then read further!

Breastfeeding Dieting Tips

  • Eat 6 meals a day so that you are never famished and tired after nursing the baby at any point of time.
  • Nutrition over calories. Don’t count your calories; calculate nutritional content in the food you are consuming.
  • Two months before breastfeeding you CANNOT try any changes to your meals apart from what the doctor prescribes for you. The baby’s health is at a vulnerable stage here. It is important you treat your child with utmost care till you get to know him.
  • A cardinal rule is having a balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein so that your baby will get enough from the milk.
  • Deficiencies will arise if you involve yourself in fad diets, liquid diets and detox diets. Remember that these diets don’t keep breastfeeding women in mind.
  • Start eliminating highly processed foods from your diet such as cakes, cookies, bakery products. Avoid deep fried food and high sugar food (basically junk!) because it does nothing for you and you are compromising your baby’s health too.
  • Alcohol is just empty calories. One glass of red wine is allowed but avoid even this, if possible. Drink lots of water, but only when you want to. It might lead to bloating if you overdo it.
  • An interesting study shows that losing more than 2 pounds of weight per week leads to release of toxins that finally ends up in the baby’s milk! Beware of this.
  • Breastfeed till the baby is around 6 months. Funnily, this has shown to increase weight loss compared to those women who stop early.
  • Start exercising whenever you can. Don’t start lifting weights and run for hours together on the treadmill. The best way is slow and steady. Start by walking up the stairs and doing some breathing and yoga exercises. You can slowly move into swimming and brisk walking after a few months.
  • You must consume 1800 calories a day. Did you know that while breastfeeding your baby consumes about 200 calories off your milk? So you don’t want to be left weak and lifeless after this.
  • Drastic measures such as weight loss pills are a definite NO. The after effects might show on you and you cannot breastfeed your baby after that. Include all the elements such as zinc, folic acid, calcium, magnesium in your diet.

 These are some of the tips to keep you and baby feeling beautiful both inside and outside!

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