Baby weight is the inevitable after effect of pregnancy. As such, losing it is every new mother's concern. Read below to know more on how to lose baby weight fast.

How To Lose Baby Weight

Motherhood brings a bitter sweet feeling in any women. On one hand you have your little bundle of joy to be contented with and on the other, the ugly mass of fat that results from pregnancy becomes a nightmare. Sagging belly, flabby arms and legs become the sad result of a once wonderful figure, and naturally enough it leads to frustration and hopelessness. As anyone who has tried to get rid of weight knows that it can be pretty stubborn and getting rid of it requires tremendous dedication, time and effort. This proves to be very difficult for new mothers as the baby demands all their attention, making it impossible to find time for any sort of exercise. No wonder, many women resign to their fate and the post pregnancy weight becomes a part of their life. However, those who wish to cut the drastic weight gain after having a baby and regain not only their former physique, but their confidence too, then this article will be of immense help. Read further to know how you can lose the baby weight quickly.

Losing Baby Weight 


  • To get rid of the baby weight you must get rid of all sugar beverages. These include sodas and even juices. Replace those with water and a squeeze of lemon. Drink about 12 glasses of water every day. In this way your calorie level will significantly come down.
  • To keep your calorie count in check and ultimately your weight, you should replace all your junk snacks with healthy ones. Keep nuts, raisins and popcorn to snack upon. A more healthier option is to include a variety of salads. Also, don’t go for baked goods from stores.
  • Eat lean meats like boneless chicken and lean beef cuts. You should also eat more of whole grains and stay away from processed foods. Fast foods are forbidden; instead cook and eat healthy foods at home. Substitute burgers and fries will salads and other organic dishes.
  • It is always better after the first one week of pregnancy to go on a vegan diet. Stay away from meat as much as possible and eat more of vegetables and lentils.
  • Start with light exercises. Walking and jogging are the best way to start. First do light exercises for ten minutes and then gradually, increase the duration. Find innovative ways to do light exercises like climbing the stairs. These are very good cardio exercises.
  • To get rid of fat around the abdomen you can do various exercises like ball crunches, pelvic tilts and back extensions. Remember to consult your doctor before doing these exercises. Do these exercises at least two times a week and gradually go on increasing the number of sets and repetitions.
  • Strength training exercises are also very effective in losing weight and building muscles. Start slowly and only do those exercises that effectively work on multiple muscles. Some of the strength training exercises that you can go for are chair squats, assisted lunges, hip lifts and overhead presses.
Breastfeeding burns calories and it is a very good way to get rid of the extra weight. However, you should remember that after a pregnancy the body requires extra 500 calories when breastfeeding. This can be derived from healthy organic foods.

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