If you have gained weight around your pelvic area and want to lose weight, then read on to find out how to lose weight from the pelvic.

How To Lose Weight From Pelvic

Over time, you can gain weight and that once beautiful pelvis of yours might start to look not so attractive anymore. Apart from weight, pelvic muscles can also suffer from various other events, especially in women; like pregnancy, child-birth or simply being overweight.
All you need to do to lose weight from the pelvic region is follow some exercising routine for your pelvis. The pelvic exercise is also known as Kegel exercise, after the person who developed it. Yet another name for these exercises is Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT).
If you want to lose weight from the pelvis, then follow these steps and you will soon lose all that excess weight from the pelvic region. 
  • Start the exercise by lying down on the floor as it is best to start in a comfortable position. Once you have mastered the exercise in the lying position, you can try and do it while you are sitting.
  • Place your one hand on your pelvic region and the other one on your shoulder. Now, breathe normally for four to five breaths.
  • If you are breathing normally, then you will find that the hand on your pelvis moves up and down more than the hand that is on your shoulder. If this is not the case however, then try to stop your shoulders from moving. But, make sure that your tummy does not move; the whole process should happen naturally.
  • If you have followed the step properly, and have mastered it, then gently try and pull your pelvic muscles upwards by natural force. Do this as you breathe out. One thing which you must remember is that when you are pulling up your pelvic muscles, do not pull so hard that your have to stop your breath. Instead, begin very gently till the time you have perfect co-ordination with your breathing out pattern and pulling the muscles up.
  • Try to hold the muscle at its place for a few seconds; continue to breathe in and out during this period.
  • Now, you will feel the pelvic muscles and the muscles of your tummy tightening; this is not a problem. It is quite natural and this is what you actually want.
  • Doing these steps about four times a day, three times a week will help in losing weight from the pelvic area. But make sure that you don't try too hard or tighten the muscles of your pelvis too much as that can cause pain and discomfort.

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