Hula hoop workout has a big fan following mainly because it is a fun and easy way to lose those calories. Here is an article on hula hoop exercises.

Hula Hoop Workout

Guess who vouches for the hula hoop exercise? The First Lady of U.S.A, Michelle Obama! It is hard not to love your work-out sessions if you are hooping. The hoops come in various sizes ranging from 34-46 inches. It is advisable to buy a bigger loop if you are big. The weight too varies from 2-3 pounds. The lighter the hula hoop, the more energy is required and vice versa. Hula hooping can get your entire body into shape ­– from your arms to waist and down to your hips. Hula hoops can also be a workout for your legs. This wonder loop helps you get and maintain an hour glass figure while you have fun! If going to the gym or waking up early in the morning to go jogging is just too boring for you then hula hoop exercise is designed for you. So go out to the sports gear store and buy yourself a hula hoop. Given below are a few tips on how to exercise using a hula hoop.

Hula Hoop Exercise

  • Before you begin your exercise regime it is a good idea to warm up your body by stretching or doing push-ups etc.
  • Now stand with your feet wide apart from each other. Bring the hula hoop around your hips. Spin it around your hips for 5 minutes.
  • You should keep the hula hoop resting against your back, a little above your waist. Place one foot ahead of the other. Then gently manoeuvre the hoop around your waist and shift your weight back and forth from one foot to the other to keep the hoop spinning.
  • For the arm exercise follow these instructions. Stretch your arm out in front of you and spin the hoop between the wrist and the elbow region. The extra cellulite and flab in the arms will disappear after a regular workout. 
  • For toning legs, lie on the floor in a prostrate position. Lift both legs a little above the floor. Now place your hula hoop on the knee of one leg. If you are more comfortable with the hoops on your ankle, then do that. Now spin the hoop. Repeat the same procedure for the other leg.
  • If your thighs need toning, then lie on the floor and spin the hoop in the thigh region.
  • If you want a butt like Jennifer Lopez, then the magical hoop will help you with that as well. Spin the hoop around your butt region. You can feel your butt popping from your rear end.
  • The faster you spin the hula hoop the more effective your work out becomes. So start slowly and gather speed.
  • Variations in hula hoop exercise would be to dance while spinning the hoop with your hips. Play some music and clear the clutter around and you. And have fun.
  • You could also punch your arms in the air while spinning the hoop on your waist.
  • The third variation is to try and spin two hula hoops at the same time. This is an intensive exercise which you can attempt when you become an adept hula Hooper.
  • Stretch your body after the work out to cool down.
  • If you have a back problem, avoid these exercises.
  • Do the spinning carefully, don’t sprain a muscle by overdoing the exercise. Gradually increase both the speed and work out timings.
  • Bigger and heavier loop will help you exercise for longer hours.
  • Carry one of the travel hula hoops available in the market when you are travelling to avoid missing out on exercise while travelling.

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