Scalp pimples are avoidable, if proper precautionary measures are taken. Steer clear of this hideous malady and learn more as you proceed towards the article.

Pimples On Scalp

It’s an ordinary day. It’s been a while that you’ve had time for yourself. You brush your tresses until “Eww!” escapes your lips. You spot something rather repulsive on your scalp. How on earth did these tiny gross furuncles appear? The oil glands of the hair follicles secrete oil through small pores, which are invariably clogged. As a result, the oil accumulates within the follicle due to lack of exit space. Hence, the hair follicles become inflamed and pimples develop on the scalp, in the form of micro pustules. Buried deep inside the dense forest of your hair, these pustules itch you like crazy and can be a major problem getting rid off. Seek solace in the consolation that these pimples aren’t as hideously noticeable as the ones on your face. However, it is essential to do away with them as scope for bacterial infection poses as a potential threat. Read on to view the causes and treatment of pimples on scalp.
Causes, Treatment & Risks Of Pimples On Scalp
There is no definite reason for being blighted with scalp pimples. Even dermatologists haven’t succeeded in tracing the exact cause of this dilemma. However, as mentioned before, scalp pimples appear primarily due to the clogging of the hair follicles that occurs due to factors like hormonal imbalance, soaring stress levels, excessive head sweating, lack of good scalp hygiene and an insufficient intake of much-needed nutrients. Too much of caffeine intake as well reaction to drugs are also infamous for causing scalp pimples! Moreover, microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria or mites make their nest in the scalp (due to favorable conditions), inevitably triggering pimples on the head. Under these circumstances, several doctors are quick to prescribe topical antibiotics (either clindamycin or erythromycin) aimed at killing the infection and eliminating scalp pimples. Alternatively, some doctors prescribe steroids. Nevertheless, avoid taking such drastic precautions on impulse and resort to proper hygiene.
Maintaining a good sense of scalp hygiene is the safest route to circumventing these problems. Hypoallergenic shampoo, especially for oily hair or skin, often does wonders in the prevention of buildup of oily skin and so on. However, it is futile to discuss prevention methods when the damage has already been done. For starters, you could apply any available over-the-counter pimple ointment. Creams containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are generally the most trusted, as they effectively remove dirt and the other oil impediments that obstruct the pores, thus giving rise to notorious scalp pimples. However, it is advised to limit the usage of such creams, as they tend to dehydrate the scalp thus causing hair loss and so on.
As mentioned before, if the excess oil doesn’t find its source of release, the skin is prone to infection from a type of bacteria, called propionibacterium acnes. They quickly devour the accumulated oil and multiply in no time. The body’s immune system responds to these quandaries by sending out more white blood cells, which, in turn, results in more dead bacteria and other provocative chemicals on that particular area. This leads to inflammation and the formation of pustules. Acne necrotica miliaris is a severe pimple condition that attacks the scalp if proper scalp hygiene isn’t maintained.
So, there you heard it! Scalp pimple scan be extremely annoying, but can, nevertheless, be easily avoided. Hope this article helped you make your life easier. 

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