Night sweats, apart from occurring in women, can also occur in men. Explore this article to uncover knowhow on the causes of night sweats in men.

Causes Of Night Sweats In Men

A man lays his weary head to rest. It has been a hard day for him and with a whole lot of eagerness to respond to the call of his bed; he makes an attempt to sleep. Soon enough, the man is fast asleep and his snores cut through the silence of the black night. However, all of a sudden, in the still of the night, the man wakes up and realizes that he has been sweating profusely. How can he sweat when he really was in bed all of the time? Well, what the man experienced is nothing but a condition popularly known as ‘night sweats’. Make a move and read on to get a closer look at the causes of night sweats in men. The next time you happen to sweat at night, remember, it can be due to anything at all, from less serious reasons to more serious reasons, night sweats can be caused by them all!

Night Sweat Causes Amongst Men
  • Contrary to the popular belief, the causes of night sweats cannot really be traced to life-threatening or serious ones. One of the most common causes of night sweats involves medications. When men take certain medications, it can result in night sweats. These medications include anti-depressants, viagra, nitroglycerin and acetaminophen. The sad part about these medicines is that some of them can be avoided, while the rest just can’t be avoided. If you experience night sweats and believe it is because of the medicines you were asked to take, feel free to ask your doctor to help you set right what went wrong. A change of medication should do just fine here.
  • The environment a man sleeps in can cause him to sweat profusely at night. If the room he sleeps in is too warm, it can possibly help him place a finger on why he breaks into a sweat at night. The best part about this cause, however, is that he can set it right by hardly going out of his way to do the same. All he need to do is install an air conditioner in the room, a fan or simply open the windows. If required, he should sleep without a quilt and in a matter of a few days; he should be done with his night sweats.
  • Stress or anxiety can cause a man to break into a sweat at night; there really is no doubt about this fact. While a man who has hardly anything to worry about will sleep well at night, a man who bears the world’s worries on his shoulders will have to deal with the issue of night sweats. Stress increases the heart rate and also the levels of adrenalin. This causes the nerves that lead to the sweat glands to react, which in turn causes a man to break into a sweat at night.
  • Testosterone is what makes a man and the lack of it is what can result in night sweats amongst men. This cause, thankfully however, is most noticeable amongst men who have crossed the age barrier of fifty years. Just like women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats during the stages of menopause, men too can suffer from the same when their levels of testosterone decrease after a certain age. This condition, however, only plants its poison in around five percent of the male population.
  • Lastly, certain medical conditions can cause night sweats. These conditions include ‘tuberculosis’, ‘cancer’, ‘hypoglycemia’, ‘AIDS’ and host of other infections. However, amongst all disorders and illnesses, it is a known fact that tuberculosis happens to be the most prominent cause for night sweats.
With this, it is now clearer and easier for you to zero in on the causes of night sweats. If you just happen to suffer from night sweats, don’t push the panic button. Instead, find out the cause and make attempts to set right what went wrong!

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