Tips on losing inches aren’t as difficult to come by as you think. So if you are wondering how to lose inches fast, then here are some healthy diet plans and other tips.

How To Lose Inches Fast

How many times have you tried to lose weight but failed because something or the other came in the way? Countless? Yes? So what do you intend on doing? Nah, don’t give up! Try till you succeed. This write-up is exclusively for all you people who have tried and failed countless times but are just not willing to give up. So there is a beach vacation coming up or maybe a wedding you need to attend or you are simply tired of looking bulky ­– whatever the case is, worry no more because here are the simplest tips to tone up in no time. The stomach, arms and thighs are the problem areas for most people. But, you can’t just stop eating and expect yourself to lose that extra flab. There are some key points to lose weight, not at your own pace, but quick enough! All you need is a strong will power to resist the cravings, healthy quantities of water to keep your body going and inspiration to work for that great body. Read on to find out more.

Tips On Losing Inches

  • Belly fat is the most problematic areas for a woman. It not only makes you feel bulged during your menstrual cycle but otherwise too. You walk into a dressing room and find that nothing fits you anymore! To reduce belly fat fast there are 3 ways. One, drink apple cider vinegar. It contains certain enzymes that are appetite suppressants and you don’t feel the need to eat. Two, drink lots and lots of water whenever you see it. For obvious reasons, you feel full and less likely to pig out. Three, do a 30min rigorous workout at least 5 times in a week.
  • Simple exercises such as the vacuum workout, where you suck your lower abdomen in and hold it as long as you can, can work wonders on your abdomen. Do this for 5 minutes everyday. This can be done while sitting at office too! After you’re done, get a solid cardio workout for about 20mins. Treadmill and cycling are good for you. So, sweat it out!
  • Stick to 1 plate-serve rule. This means that whatever you serve into your plate the first time, is what you eat. 6 mini meals is the way to go! There is a very interesting way to look at food – fist size carbohydrates, CD size proteins and bottle cap size fat and this is all the food you need in a day. A balanced meal is the way to go!
  • Diet calculators. These are available online for you to calculate how much should you eat. A healthy woman needs about 1800 calories per day. But, you could use the BMI diet and cut down about 200 calories every day till as long as you want. When you feel like you can’t cut any more food from your diet, replace the unhealthy food to healthy salads and vegetables.
  • An obvious one would be avoid junk food. It is a difficult option, but there is no other way. Either junk food is too oily, too salty or too sugary. Foods such as chips, candy, ice creams, cake, donuts etc cannot be taken more than once a week (and only if absolutely necessary!) Salt makes you preserve water and thus your body bloats. Oily food clogs your arteries (hence heart problems!) and sugar increases the risk of diabetes. So, in any way you look at it, junk food is a strict no-no.
  • Alcohol, coffee, tea, soda and any aerated drinks are just empty calories. Even canned juices are superbly high on sugar hence, calories. Instead, drink unsweetened fresh juices or protein shakes. It is known that drinking the wrong types of beverages affects the body cells negatively. Juices and shakes are good for cleansing the body off toxins and increase the antioxidants in you.

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