Want to lose weight quickly? Shrug off diet plans and stick on to fasting to lose weight fast. Read below to get some tips on how you can lose weight through fasting.

Fasting To Lose Weight Fast

Fasting has always been a part of many religions. It is a time of repentance, of cleansing both the body and the soul. It is also a scientific fact that fasting is the best way to detoxify the body as during fasting the body does not have to spend the energy on digestion. As such, it uses this energy to cleanse the body. Since the body stores fat reserves, during fasting, it utilizes these reserves to run the system. Comparing crash diet and fasting, it can be blatantly said that the former pose to be of little help in losing weight as in most cases the craving for the food remains intact. As such, the person tends to fall back to the original routine again, thereby gaining more weight. In fasting, however, there is a greater amount of control over food addiction. Also, in fasting, the weight is lost quickly, as more and more fat reserves are used, due to less or no food intake. While on fast, drinking juice, water and eating raw and organic food is allowed. These provide the necessary nutrients to the body. However, when fasting, caution is advised and it should be done in a planned manner for better results. Given below are a few weight loss tips through fasting.
Quick Weight Loss Tips Through Fasting
  • Firstly, find out if you are medically fit enough to go on a fast. If you are suffering from any disorders or diseases, then you should go for fasting under medical supervision. Also, it is very necessary that you mentally prepare yourself for the fast so that you do not leave midway. Determination is the key to fasting. You should be determined to go on the fast to have successful results.
  • Before starting on the process, do a complete research to familiarize yourself about the various types of fasting for weight loss. There are several types of fasting like water fasting, juice fasting and the like. Find out which type of fasting will provide you the most benefit and which ones appeals to your body type the most.
  • Once you have decided on the fasting program, you should not immediately set up on a long duration fast. First take several short fasts, so that you understand how your body reacts to it. Only after that you should go for a fast of a longer duration.
  • Initially fasting may create various gastric discomforts. As such, it is advised to use a colon cleansing supplement to cleanse the colon so that you do not discontinue the fast due to gastric discomfort.
  • During the fast, you should drink at least 10 glasses of water every day, even if you are on a juice fast. It is always better to drink purified water, as the tap water may reintroduce the toxins into the body.
  • Breaking the fast is also a very crucial step as starting on a fast. Do not break the fast with a large meal. Start with a glass of lime and salt juice and then eat a small meal so that the body reacts to the food better. Once this is digested, eat normally.
  • If food addiction is also an issue that you need to deal with, apart from weight loss, then you should go for a ten to thirty day fast. This is very effective in curbing the food addiction. Another effective way is to alternate between fasting and eating. Fast for a two to three days and then eat a healthy organic meal. Then, again go for a fast and then resume eating.
  • Another effective fasting method for weight loss is to consume raw foods during the fast. This will help you stop bingeing on food after the fast. Raw foods will not only keep you full, but also provide the body with nutrients, so that you do not get malnourished during the fast.

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