Infertility for a woman can be one of the most depressing things to deal with. Explore this article for an unrestricted access to the causes of infertility in women.

Infertility In Women

Infertility in women is a generic term given to those women who are incapable of getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby. Conventionally speaking, a woman is said to be infertile when she finds it impossible to get pregnant despite several attempts made over a period of a year or more. Most people tend to take pregnancy for granted, however, it is not really that light an issue. Women are not like men. Men produce sperms almost throughout their years of capability to produce. It’s however a little different with women. They are born with a certain amount of eggs and the number of these eggs reduces with the passing of time. It is a widely known fact that the chance of a woman getting infertile is higher than that of a man. Infertility basically makes its presence felt because of an abundance of causes. Make your move and read on to uncover the most prominent causes that can lead to infertility in women.

Causes Of Infertility In Women

Hormonal Issues
The process of ovulation is not a simple one. It requires a perfect blend and interaction of hormones. In the case of an imbalance of hormones or a disruption in the process of their interaction, it will be almost impossible for a woman to give birth to a baby. The main causes of a problem like this can be traced to the malfunction of the hypothalamus, malfunction of the pituitary gland and a chronic failure in terms of an ability to produce mature eggs. 

Damaged Ovaries
Yes, you read that right! Physical damage to the ovaries is actually a much possible issue which can ultimately lead to failed ovulation. Physical damage to the ovaries is mostly caused due to extensive and invasive surgeries. The damage occurs when the capsule of the ovary becomes scarred, leading to the prevention of the maturity of follicles. Infection in the ovaries too can lead to a failed attempt at ovulation.

Menopause, at times, can dawn on a woman much earlier than it should. This makes for a rare and an almost unexplainable cause of an ovulation. This is a situation that is believed occur due to a decrease in the natural supply of eggs. It can also occur amongst athletic woman who have been through prolonged periods of exercises. This condition can even occur in women due to reasons that can be best described as genetic.

Failed Or Failing Fallopian Tubes
In a woman, her fallopian tubes play a largely important role in determining the success of her pregnancy. In medical circles, it is a known fact that tubal irregularities affect approximately 25% of couples trying to conceive a baby. The main or most common causes for the poor function of the fallopian tubes include infection, extensive surgeries, abdominal disease, congenital setbacks and ectopic pregnancy. A little on ectopic pregnancy; this is a pregnancy that occurs within the fallopian tube itself and if successfully dealt with can still result in damage to the fallopian tubes.

Lifestyle Related Issues
It’s not just biological issues that can dent a woman’s hopes of giving birth to a baby, her lifestyle too can go a long way in determining her chances of getting pregnant. It’s a known fact that a woman who smokes, drinks and is dependent on drugs will find it that much more difficult to get pregnant. In fact, a lifestyle that mostly revolves around smoking and alcohol can entirely ruin a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. The food and amount of exercise a woman gets per day or even per month can play a very direct role in influencing her chances of getting pregnant. A woman who is unhealthily overweight or underweight, without the question of doubt, will face difficulties in getting heavy with child!

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