Infertility, contrary to what most people believe, does not come unannounced. Read your way through this article for a closer look at the symptoms of infertility.

Signs Of Infertility

 Infertility really is a predicament, that no matter how hard mankind tries, cannot really be completely gotten rid of. The causes of infertility are varying and easily differentiable from each other. However, infertility as a deviation from the normal does not plant its sting unannounced. There are definite and identifiable symptoms that can actually allow a person, especially a woman, know if it’s infertility that is on the cards. The symptoms of infertility that occur in a woman are different from the ones that plague a man. For a woman, the symptoms are that much more obvious and for a man, they are that much more difficult to notice. Go ahead and browse through this article for a magnified look at the symptoms that can help determine if a woman or a man is infertile.

Infertility Symptoms

Infertility Symptoms In Women
  • The biggest give away of infertility in a woman is an irregularity in her periods. In fact, irregular menstruation also makes for one of the most obvious symptoms of infertility in a woman. The irregularity may occur in different ways. Sometimes a woman may get repeated periods in a month and during other times may not even get her period.
  • Excessive bleeding in a woman can be considered a symptom of infertility. However, this is not really a sure shot way of predicting if a woman is infertile, but it still can’t be considered an issue that would be safe to ignore. Heavy bleeding after all is not a good thing, because in most cases, it can only be a warning on what is to come or to be expected. A very light flow of blood can also be considered a symptom of infertility in a woman.
  • A woman who experiences painful cramps during her period can be said to heading for an acrid valley of infertility. An unusual change in flow of blood too can be considered a symptom of infertility.  
  • Blocked fallopian tubes, technically speaking, are not a symptom of infertility. However, something like this can safely be considered to be an issue that can in the not-so-distant future lead to infertility in a woman. A blocked fallopian tube can make it as good as impossible for a man’s sperm to fertilize the egg, thus resulting in infertility. It is also a known fact that blocked fallopian tubes are mostly caused due to sexually transmitted diseases that include ‘chlamydia’ and ‘gonorrhea’.
  • A miscarriage doesn’t always need to translate to a failed pregnancy. It can also stand to signify an issue that is much more serious than a failed pregnancy and that is infertility. Miscarriages become that much more obvious as symptoms of infertility when they occur one after the other and that is as good as a fact!
Infertility Symptoms Amongst Men
  • Infertility symptoms amongst men are not as common as they are amongst women. In fact, for men, there really is just one main symptom that determines if a man is infertile or not and sadly this symptom is not one that’s too obvious. The symptom of infertility in a man basically is a decrease in sperm count or a lowered sperm count. This is something that men cannot really know for sure unless they go in for a sperm analysis test. However, if a man and a woman are trying to conceive a baby and have failed and the man knows for sure that there is nothing wrong with the woman, then it probably is the man who is suffering from infertility.
  • Other symptoms of infertility include erectile dysfunctions and ejaculatory predicaments.

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