Everyone likes to be tall, but not everyone can get to their desired height. However, there still are ways that can help you inch closer to your desired height, find out how here!

How To Become Taller

When in a crowd, everyone likes to be that towering personality that people look up to, literally. However, not every person can get to look as tall as they want to, because height really is determined by the genes passed on to us by our parents. In spite of this, if you are willing to put in some effort, you can surely get a little taller, if not getting as tall as you desire. After all, to a very limited extent, we can control how tall we want to be, and maybe even how tall we don’t want to be. Check out tips given in this article and practice them to a T. If you are still in the growth stage, chances are that you can increase your height to an extent.

Ways Of Becoming Taller 

If you are really yearning to get taller, the first thing to do is to master the art of stretching. You may not want to believe it, but stretching in a way can actually help you get taller, and that is as good as the truth. For best results, you will have to focus on stretching exercises that work on your spine and your core, the upper body part of it that is. One of the most basic stretches that can help you get closer to your goal is - standing up and touching your toes without bending your knees. Once you master this basic stretch, you can move on to more advance ones, for which of course you may need the help of an expert. As far as stretching exercises as a whole go, ‘Yoga’ and ‘Pilates’ are your safest bets. These exercises can help strengthen your spine while also helping you to grow taller.

No one got any taller or any bigger by just sitting around the house. This is exactly why it is so important to be up and moving almost all the time. As far as exercises go, you can be rest assured that swimming makes for one of the best exercises. However, this does not mean that other forms of getting a great workout like playing football or basketball can do nothing for you. It only means that swimming is the best exercise for you, because it stretches your body in opposite directions. Your legs move one way and your arms move the other. Pull-ups or chin-ups too can help you get that much closer to your goals of getting tall. Lastly, if you must have to lift weights at the gym, do so. However, don’t go for the big weights because while this can make you look bigger and stronger, it can also stunt your growth.

Nutrition And Rest
You can’t really get any taller without eating the right foods, drinking enough water and getting enough rest. Most people falsely believe that it is just sufficient to exercise, eat a little and everything is going to be alright. This false belief is hardly close to the truth. The truth is all about you eating right, drinking enough water, getting enough exercise and sleeping for seven to eight hours per day. If you miss out on any one of these variables, getting taller will be as good as a dream that is out of reach.

Turn The Tables
What does this mean? It doesn’t mean that you turn a random table upside down and stare at it and expect to get any taller. It only means that you resort to body inversion which will see you turning your body upside down; standing on your head basically is the way to go. This will help gravity stretch your spine and your knee cartilage. This will not only get you taller; but it will also pack a punch enough to help you correct faults in your posture.

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