Learn some skateboarding tricks to help you better your talent! This article gives you an insight into some of the tricks and tips you can use in skateboarding.

Skateboarding Tricks

Skateboarding is both interesting and dangerous because of the tricks that people perform while at it. And no matter how effortlessly people perform each of the tricks, they are in fact a lot easier said than done. Skateboarding is a combination of skiing, roller skating and surfing. It serves both as recreation and as a professional sport. But, it being a dangerous sport, only experts can perform stunts such as kneeling, maneuvering, turning, spinning, jumping or balancing on one or two hands. So, if you are a beginner, you might want to learn some new tricks so you can show off your skills and if you have been doing this a long time, then it’s time to polish some of your skateboarding acts! Some of the tricks are learned and mastered while others are freestyle i.e., created by the creativity of the skateboarder and then practiced into perfection. Also, some of the tricks are performed while stationary. To know more about the tips and tricks that you can use to buck your skateboarding skills up, explore the next section carefully! 

Skateboarding Tips 


  • This involves floating in the air with one or both the hands attached to the board underneath your feet.
  • The trick here is to hold the board so that it doesn’t float away with the air and the air pressure doesn’t disrupt your streamlined motion in the air. 


  • They are a kind of aerial tricks that involve flipping along different axes and can combine many rotations into one too.
  • A kickflip is a kind of flip that involves the above technique. This is seen by most street performers and other skaters. 

Slides and Grinds

  • You might have seen skateboarders get up on railings, ledges or the edges of pools, sliding and grinding along the board or trucks etc. This is a risky stunt to be attempted by amateurs. It must be done either by professionals or under their keen supervision.
  • Here, you basically push yourself up onto the edge of anything such as curbs, swimming pool edges, handrails. Then you move along it and the trick is called a slide and if it’s done alongside a truck then it is called a grind. 

Lip Tricks

  • These are the hardest type of tricks and require a lot of practice and expertise.
  • This is a concept similar to slides and grinds but it needs more momentum so that the skateboarder gets elevated to a vertical altitude.
  • Lip tricks can basically be done only on transitioned riding surfaces as they are smooth and especially made to skateboard on. 

Pressure Tricks

  • These are a slight variation from the flips because here, the board is flipped using a pressure technique and hence the name pressure tricks.
  • The pressure can be applied, with your foot that you use to pop the board, in areas of the tail! 

Manual Tricks

  • In a manual trick the front part of the skateboard is lifted above the ground while rolling and the back portion of the board is left in contact with the ground.
  • It is similar to a wheelie. They are usually slow and hard to maintain and require a lot of balance to keep it going for a long distance.
  • Nose manuals are similar but instead of the back being in contact with the ground from the back, it is rooted to the ground in the front or the nose of the skateboard while the back portion does the wheelie. 


  • Extreme care in performing this trick must be taken.
  • There are several kinds of handstands – one handed, headstand, frogstands, handstand wheelies, handstand pivots and handstand flips.
  • Any of the above tricks can be combined with a handstand. You can even rotate the skateboard or turn around 3600 while performing the stunt.

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