Why shouldn’t girls have all the fun? Now, gear up to have all the fun with these interesting party games for girls mentioned in this piece of writing.

Party Games For Girls

Organizing a party is a sure way of steering clear of ennui. However, no party is a party without the fun and frolic of party games. The inclusion of games increases the fun and entertainment of parties manifold. If you are keen on arranging a party, why not arrange an all-girls party for a change? You can invite boys, but usually girls and boys feel awkward to mingle freely. It can be a good idea to invite all the girls you know as friends, get them together and have a no holds barred blast. Once all the girls gain ground and feel comfortable, you can get cracking with some innovative party games. Creative games eliminate all monotony by spicing up the party.  By interacting with each other while playing games, all the girls can bond closely with each other. This will not only help you pass your time while sustaining the elevated vivacity of the party, but will also leave you with fond memories. If you are inquisitive about what games you can play, the following information enlisting some of the best party games for girls will be useful to you.

Best Party Games For Girls

Spin The Nail Polish
This game is similar to spin the bottle, but is played with a nail polish bottle. Make all the girls sit in a circle and gather several different colors of nail polish. One by one place the nail polish bottles in the middle and spin them. When the nail polish bottle stops spinning, the person towards whom the top of the nail polish bottle faces has to paint one fingernail or toenail with that color. All the girls should have different colors all over their fingers and toes at the end of the game.

Silent Charades Girls Game
To play ‘silent charade girl’s game’, you need to write down objects related to your birthday party theme for girls to act out. Make two per object, for instance, objects such as an elephant, a rock, a fireman, a princess, etc. Place them in a container and ask the party girls to pick one piece of paper each. They must find their ‘match’ by acting out what is on the paper without using words. They will then have to sit next to the person who they find as their ‘match’.


The spelling game can be a very enjoyable game for the girls. In this game, the girls must be divided into two teams and one team should be made the judge. Each team is given some letters from which they have to make as many meaningful words as possible. The team that makes most correct words will win the game. Spelling games help girls develop their vocabulary and language.

Soaking Sponges
To play this game, you need to take two buckets filled with water and place them on one side of the room along with two sponges. Also place two empty buckets on the other side of the room. Now divide the girls into two teams. The game is about transferring all of the water from the full bucket to the empty bucket using only the sponge. Both teams then get into action. This game can be caught on camera for some moments of nostalgic hilarity later on.

Blind Man’s Buff
You have to make blindfolds out of a scarf or any other material and get as many chairs as the girls. Make a circle with the chairs and blindfold one girl. Make everyone else sit down and make the blindfolded girl sit in the middle. Next, all those sitting should change seats. The blindfolded girl is then asked to sit on someone’s lap and she has to guess whose lap she is sitting on. Only on guessing correctly is she allowed to exchange places with that person, if not, she remains blindfolded until she can make a correct guess. This game can be played for hours together.

Go ahead and have a blast with these party games for girls.


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