Wish to add a dash of fun to your boring holiday? Try obstacle course games to pump up real fun in your dull day. Check out these obstacle course ideas and get going.

Obstacle Course Ideas

Are your kids bored of Nintendos, Marios and the backyard games? Dump the joystick, skateboard and the soccer ball, tot up some real fun with exciting obstacle games, and treat your little ones to an exciting holiday. Whether you have your kid’s birthday party lined up, plan to host a summer camp, or just wish to have a day out with your kids, obstacle course games can be one perfect way to beat boredom blues and pep up real fun. Obstacle games are fun, constructive and are the best ways to pump in some real excitement into your dreary weekends. What's more, obstacle course games are one great way to boost your kids’ motor skills, balance, co-ordination and overall development. This overall physical and mental exercise can keep your kids feel happy, energetic and will make them bounce with enthusiasm. To know more on the different types of obstacle course games, read on.
Obstacle Course Games
Newspaper Walk
Are you kids bored to tears and desperately longing to have some fun? Grab some sheets of your old newspaper and head for some real excitement. Hand out two sheets of newspaper to your kids and ask them to head for the starting line. Now ask your kids to place one sheet of newspaper before them and step on it and then place the next sheet for the next step. The person who reaches the finishing line first is the winner.
Tub Hop
To play this obstacle game, you will need six to eight small tubs of equal sizes. Place the tubs in a diagonal direction, with one tub slightly placed ahead of the other, but close enough to help your child hop from one tub to another. Fill the tubs with water and ask your tot to hop from one tub to another. Your child is sure to have a splash!
Hoop Scoop
Get hold of eight to ten plastic hoops and arrange them in a straight line. Ask your kid to step into the first hoop and then step on to the next hoop, lifting the hoop overhead and dropping it behind, every time she moves into the next ring.
Ladder Run
Wondering how to beat boredom blues? Try this fun ladder game and get your little one springing. Lay a ladder and ask your tots to run through its rungs as fast as possible. This game can be huge fun and leave your kids running for perfection. However, do keep a watchful eye on the little ones as you wouldn’t want them to trip and fall.
Table Crawl
To play this game, you will need a table, a hand pump and loads of colorful balloons. Blow out the balloons using a hand pump and cover the entire table with the bouncing balloons, all stringed together. You will need around hundred balloons to mask the table completely. Tape the balloons firmly on the top, sides, underside and legs. You can use foam padding to cover the legs of the table. Now ask your kids to crawl through the heaps of balloon and come out from the other side. This is one fun game your kids are bound to get pleasure from.

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