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Most Popular Cruise Destinations

Most of us may not be even aware of what to expect when considering a cruise vacation. This may be true for people who have never been on a cruise ever before. All the destinations, etc may be really confusing to them. It would be worthwhile to note the meaning of the term "port of call" in this context as it is commonly used by cruise liners. The term "port of call" describes stops that the ship will make during the whole journey. So, before you book the tickets for your cruise vacation, please take a close look at the ports of call. Having said that, here are some of the most popular cruise ship destinations around the world:
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The Caribbean: If it is your first time cruise vacation, make sure you visit the Caribbean. Blessed with gorgeously beautiful beaches, tropical islands and lots of sun, it makes for a perfect holiday cruise destination. All of these and more make the Caribbean Islands the most popular cruise destination.
The Mexican Rivera: For people who cannot really take week or more off from their schedules, the Mexican Rivera makes a perfect cruise destination with its thousands of miles of beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful scenery all around.
European Cruises: If you love history even remotely then the European cruise is the cruise to be in. If you love visiting beautiful places and getting to see new and beautiful cultures, then this is the cruise for you. From Venice, the French Rivera, Italy and Spain to the ports of many great countries like the regal splendor of St. Petersburg and Moscow, you will surely find this cruise to be a real enjoyable and refreshing one.
Mediterranean Cruises: The Mediterranean Cruise is one of the most popular cruises available. You can soak in the most beautiful sites or visit the white-washed villages of the ancient Greek Islands. It is all complemented by some crystal clear blue water and warm sea breezes where you will feel like celebrating each moment. The Mediterranean cruise is an ideal introduction to the beauty of Greece.
Alaska: The sheer sense of indescribable beauty and awe that people experience in Alaska is just awesome. This is probably what draws people from all around the world to the icy majesty of Alaska. The reasons may be many, but people seem to absolutely love taking the Alaskan cruises and you should not miss it for anything. 

World Cruise: If seeing new cultures, visiting beautiful places and long cruise vacations interest you, then what could be better than a world cruise? When it comes to vacations, nothing matches a world cruise for the sheer excitement and the number of options it provides.

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