Geneva, situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, is one of the 26 cantons in Switzerland. With this article, learn some fun and interesting facts about Geneva.

Facts About Geneva

Geneva is a city situated in the westernmost corner of Switzerland, spread over an area of approximately 109 sq miles (282 sq km). It sprawls on the banks of Lake Geneva and forms an enclosed land, surrounded by France. The city lies to the south of the Department of the Ain and to the north of the Department of the Haute-Savoie. Geneva stands bordered by the Jura Mountains in the west and the French Alps in the east. It serves as the European headquarters of many international organizations and is also the place where the Geneva Conventions were signed. The natural beauty of the country, combined with its architectural and historical legacy, attracts large number of tourists every year. With the sparkling richness of history, Geneva offers its visitors a breath taking experience during their travel in one of Europe’s beautiful cities. In this city there are several options available for recreation, high quality restaurants for delicious cuisine and many other adventurous options. Read on to explore more about Geneva.
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Fast Facts
Country: Switzerland
Continent: Europe
Location: 46°12′N 6°09′E
Population: 192,385 (2012)
Area: 15.93 km2
Time Zone: GMT + 1
Fun & Interesting Facts about Geneva
  • Geneva is located in the westernmost corner of Switzerland, on the banks of Lake Geneva.
  • Geneva is the capital of the ‘Republic and Canton of Geneva’. At the same time, it is a neutral territory.
  • Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland, next to Zurich.
  • Geneva is the most international city in Europe, with over 40 percent of its residents coming from outside Switzerland.
  • Geneva is the most populous city of Romandy (the French-speaking part of Switzerland).
  • Lake Geneva claims the distinction of being the largest lake in Europe.
  • Geneva has the shortest commuting time of any major city in the world.
  • Dog droppings are listed as the top complaint of citizens in Geneva, annually.
  • The World Wide Web was invented and developed in Geneva, at the CERN laboratories.
  • Geneva applied to join the Swiss Confederation and became a Swiss canton, in the year 1814.
  • Geneva became home to European Headquarters of the United Nations, in 1946.
  • The European Headquarters of The International Red Cross and the World Health Organization are in Geneva.
  • School education is compulsory in Geneva, right from six to fifteen years of age.
  • Geneva is a perfect tourist destination with pleasant climate throughout the year which is because of the mountains that surround the capital and also for the tempering effects of the lake.
  • Geneva has a widespread historic town with a beautiful landscape amidst the gorgeous Lake Léman.
  • The greenery of the capital is something that will surely enthrall its visitors as this place is surrounded by walkways and extra ordinary parks which are situated in the centre of the city.
  • Though Prostitution is considered legal in Geneva, it is highly controlled within the city.  
  • There are several personalities in the Hollywood industry who are associated with Geneva. For instance, the capital has the statues of Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury.
  • Geneva is known for its exquisite watch collection. As per some strict criteria, either ‘The Geneva Seal’ or ‘Poinçon de Genève,’ is granted to luxurious a watch which is considered to be quality criteria for picking up the perfect watch.
  •  Also, a car fair is held in March throughout the year with the other fairs being book fair, inventors fair, International Salon for Prestige Watch making etc.
  • Cointrin in Geneva is considered to be the second largest airport of Switzerland.
  • The city is known for The Jet d'eau, which is an important monument and is identified as the ‘tallest water fountain’.
  • Geneva is a global city and is home to many international organizations and the agencies of the United Nations. Headquarters of Red Cross is located in Geneva.
  • Geneva is one of the most expensive cities of the world; the city is also ranked amongst the top in the terms of ‘quality of life’. 

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