Blond hairs can be fun and can give you a new look. Check out how to make your hair blonder.

How To Get Blonder Hair

Are you bored of your looks? Do you aspire for a change? How about adding a new facet to your looks all together? While most of time you have sported different hair cuts and styles, go a little further this time with a new hair color. A new hair color would be a revival and act as a booster to your personality. People who have brunet can go for a new look this season and make their hair blonder. Sporting blond hairs are often referred to as fun. Read on the tips provided to know how to get blonder hairs and have fun.
How to Make Your Hair Blonder 
  • It all depends on the kind of hair color you have. If you have light brunet color, it would be easier to get that blonder hair but if you have dark brunet hair, you may make your hair of a lighter shade with some blond streaks.
  • The choice of the shade, which you choose should be one that would boost your looks. Sport a shinny golden color if you wear more of pastels or go for beige or ash shades if you are more bent towards cool colors.
  • Keep in mind that the color, which the brands display at the covers of the package, is always different from what the actual color comes out to be in reality. For getting the shade, which you desire, go for two shades lighter than your normal color. It would then match your desired look.
  • If you are looking for two shades lighter than what you have, then strip the natural color so that it provides a base for the new color to come over it.
  • Indulge in conditioning your hair a few days before your treatment. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo or with a mix of vinegar and baking soda. This would strengthen your hair as well as remove any build ups or deposits.
  • Remove the natural color of your hair by using bleach or a product, which is made for such a purpose. Remember, the more diversified the look you opt for, the greater will be the use of the bleaching agent. In the process, bear with the color, which your hair is taking as it has to serve as a base for the blond look, which you are vying for.
  • When you have done all the above steps, it’s time to apply the desired permanent color. Start your color application about 1 inch from your scalp and distribute to ends, saving the roots for last. If you have long or curly hairs, keep an additional packet as one packet may not be enough.
  • Maintain a detailed account of your process, the color names, application process and application time. It would be beneficial at the later stages, when you would require touch-ups or even professional advice on adjusting your shade.
  • Tend to your roots every three to four weeks for seamless color.

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