Use feng shui to bring warmth and positivity into your home. Read below to learn how to feng shui your home.

How To Feng Shui Your Home

Have you ever felt that certain homes or rooms, no matter how beautifully designed they are, radiate cold and uninviting vibes? Or you may have wondered why being in a certain room of the house, you get so overwhelmed with negative emotions? Before you start looking for any paranormal activity and undergo a ghost-busting spree, you should realize that the reason is much simpler. Just try arranging your house again conforming to the ancient Chinese laws of feng shui and you can usher warmth and positivity into your home or room. For the uninitiated, feng shui is the ‘system of aesthetics’ of arranging space and designing buildings using the laws of heaven and earth. As such, the home welcomes positive energy that influences every aspect of our lives. Though skeptics may scoff at this, it is believed that designing the home according to feng shui influences healthy relationships, builds up positive energy and strengthens the bond among family members.  Since there are no negative aspects for this, it is better to give feng shui a try and who knows, the charm that the Chinese have believed in for centuries may yet again work! Read the article further to know how to feng shui your home.

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

  • Develop a plan by plan approach. Decide which areas of your house you need to work on first. You should work on the feng shui of your house one issue at a time. Start with a few changes so that you don’t become overburdened with details.
  • Locate the power spots in your home as this will help you to focus your energy and activity. Depending upon your objectives, you should identify the power spots in your home. Feng shui is all about change and in time your power spots will also shift. You can identify the power points of your house by the feng shui ba qua which is basically a map of energetic influences of the house.
  • Creating Chi or vital energy is the main objective of feng shui. So, you should create paths to welcome chi into your home. So, barriers like overgrown hedges and hidden front doors should be eliminated. Remove anything that gets in the way of the flow of energy. Make sure that the chi reaches your power spots easily.
  • Clutter is the main obstacle in the path of chi in most homes. Clutter can lead to stale and stuck up energy. So, clear your home of any clutter so that there is smooth flow of energy. Even the minute dirt and dust can act as a barrier to chi; therefore, it is necessary to keep the house spic and span.
  • Eliminate all the negative influences from your house. In feng shui, the negative influences can range from clutter to placement of furniture in unlucky positions. Ensure that when chi comes along a smooth surface, it doesn’t clash with any sharp angle, as this will create a turbulent energy, resulting in stress.
  • Use feng shui enhancements and symbols to activate the power spots. Bring enhancements like bells, wind chimes, water fountains, fish tanks or any other things that have a symbolic meaning to your power spots. Such symbols and enhancements will bring a positive and creative energy into the power spots.
Have you got a basic idea as to how to  feng shui your home? Apply them and transform your uninviting living space into a warm one, using the ancient laws of feng shui.

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