Changing a spark plug by yourself will tell you a lot about how your car is running. Check out information on how to change spark plugs.

How To Change Spark Plugs

Many a times, your car might have broken down in the middle of a road at a busy hour rendering you absolutely helpless. On a long weekend, you casually get under the hood to inspect your car and find that the spark plugs have been worn out. There is no way you can drive up to the service center and get it repaired. Wondering how to change spark plugs of your car by yourself? Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to change spark plugs.
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How to Change Spark Plug in a Car 
  • Even if you have the slightest doubt about how to go about this, please get a repair manual before starting off on anything. You don’t want to mess up even slightly and then fish out a fortune to get it repaired in addition to the replacement already needed.
  • Make sure the engine is cool and the motor is switched off before you start working. This is one of the biggest points that most people overlook while changing a spark plug. Your engine needs to be cooled down before you can change spark plugs.
  • Work on one spark plug at a time so that you don’t get confused as to which wire should be plugged with which plug. Take off one spark plug wire by grabbing it from the wire boot instead of pulling the wire itself. You may also use a spark plug wire.
  • Check for any dust or oil gathering around or on the spark plug. If there is any oil or dirt around the spark plug hole, wipe it off carefully. Be careful not to wipe off the oil inside the hole.
  • Take out the plug by turning it to the left with proper tools like 5/8 deep socket, swivel joint and an extension. Replace it with the new plug; tighten the new plug by turning it to the right by your hand and then snug it up properly using the tools.
  • When you connect the wire to the spark plug, make sure it is on. You will come to know when a small snap is produced.
  • Repeat this with the other spark plug and slowly replace them. Also, you would want to replace your spark plug wire while changing the spark plugs to avoid any further hassles after a few days.

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