Are you wondering how to change a motorcycle tire and looking out for some tips for the purpose? Get through this article and get to know steps for changing a motorcycle tyre.

How To Change Motorcycle Tire

Do you have a flat motorcycle tire? Are you looking for steps to change it? Changing a motorcycle tire is a difficult and tiresome process for the first timers. However, with the right kind of instruments, physical strength and a little bit of patience, the complexity can be reduced to a great extent. The tools for the process should be arranged earlier, so that you do face any difficulty later on. The first step in changing motorcycle tire comprises of removing the old tire. Once this is done, installing a new tire would be easy. Read on to find steps to change a motorcycle tyre, along with some tips.
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How To Change Motorcycle Tire
Materials Required
  • Several Tire Irons
  • Valve Core Tool
  • Bead Breaker
  • Compressed Air
  • Silicone Spray-on Lubrication
  • Rim Protector
  • Breezer Tire Tool
Remove the Old Tire
  • Gather all the equipments required for the process. The tools are usually found at a motorcycle shop or auto supply store.
  • Use a valve core tool to let the air out of the old tire completely. The tool should be held tightly, as the air generally gushes out with great force.
  • Mark the edge with a pencil. This will give you an idea in which way does the wheel spin.
  • Using a bead breaker tool, split the bead away from the rim. The 'pop' sound will indicate that the bead is broken.
  • Break the bead on the other side of the tire as well.
  • After you have broken the bead on both sides, spray the silicone lubricant on tire beads.
  • To remove the tire of the rim, need to insert tire irons under the tire. A single tire iron cannot complete the task, so multiple tire irons should be placed strategically around the tire.
  • The other side of the tire should be removed from the rim as well. If well lubricated, the tire would come out easily, without much effort.
Install the New Tire
  • To install a new tire, lubricated it well on the sidewalls
  • The new tire should be placed in such a way that it matches the rotation mark made earlier on the rim.
  • Firmly attach the new tire on the rim. A tire iron might be required to finish the job. The tire must be edged down over the lip of the rim. Once the tire is placed, line up the valve stem where it belongs.
  • Inflate the tire a little using an air compressor.
  • Use the Breezer tire tool to insert the tire bead into the wheel rim. You need to rotate the tire and work on opposite sides back and forth.
  • To finish the task, inflate the tire to the recommended psi.
  • Your job is complete.

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