Changing a bicycle tire is not a difficult task, provided you know the correct procedure. With this article know how to change/replace a bicycle tyre.

Changing A Bicycle Tire

One of the first vehicles that a child learns to ride is a bicycle. From the three-wheel baby cycle to the gear-installed adult bicycle, the vehicle holds great charm for individuals. Along with being a safe mode of transportation, it is also very economical and eco-friendly. No wonder, more and more people are tuning to bicycle these days, especially for short distances. If you own a bicycle, you should also know how to change its tyre. It will help you save money on mechanic costs and also make you totally independent. To help you know how to replace bicycle tire, we have provided instructions below,
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Changing a Bicycle Tire
Items Needed 
  • Replacement Tire
  • Tire Pump
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Set of Three Tire Tools (Tire Irons) 
Instructions (Removing Old Tire) 
  • If your bicycle is a new one, it will have a quick-release lever on each axle. All you have to do is flip one of the levers. It will loosen the wheel, which can then be pulled free.
  • In case your bicycle is pretty old, it will have two axle nuts that will be holding each wheel in place. Take an adjustable wrench and loosen the nuts. This will help you take off the wheel.
  • After you have taken off the wheel from the cycle, it is the time to deflate it completely.
  • Take one of the tire tools and slide down its rounded end, between the tire and the rim.
  • Lock the free end of the tire tool into the spokes and slowly pry away the tire from the rim. Make sure not to pinch the tube, while doing this.
  • Take the second tire tool and slide it, the same way, between the tire and rim. Keep working the tool around the rim, till the time the tire pops free.
  • In case the second tool gets stuck, you can lock the free end of the third tool, into the spokes, and pry away the tire.
  • Finally, remove the tire and inner tube from the rim. 
Instructions (Installing New Tire) 
  • After removing the old tire, it is the time to install the new tire.
  • Slip one edge of the new tire all the way around the rim. If it is not possible to do so by hands, use one of the tire tools.
  • Take the inner tube and place it completely inside the new tire. Make sure to line up the inner tube valve, with the valve hole in the rim.
  • Next, try to push the tube into the tire, as much as possible.
  • Now is the time to push the second edge of the tire onto the rim.
  • Finally take a tire tool and slip it between the rim and that portion of the tire that is not yet installed.
  • Levering the tool upward, force the tire over the rim edge. If you want, you can use the second tire tool for the purpose.
  • With gentle movements, roll the tire over the rim edge. Try to avoid snapping the tire into place, leading to tube pinching and air leaks.
  • Finally, inflate the tire and replace the wheel on the bike.

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