Knowing how to change the flat tyre of one’s car is important for both self-dependence & safety. So read this article to get tips on changing flat tire in cars.

How To Change A Car Tyre

As much as it is important for a person to know how to drive in today’s time, it is equally important for him or her to know to change a flat tyre. Flat tyres always seem to happen in the most inconvenient of places. Thus knowing how to change the tire of one’s vehicle is vital not just for self-dependence, but also safety. Read this article to learn how all about changing flat tire in cars.   
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Tips for Changing Flat Tire
When your car has got a flat tyre, pull it over to a safe area away from the traffic. Switch on the “hazard” or “parking” lights and remember to apply the handbrake. As an additional safety degree, put a piece of wood or brick beneath the wheel on the opposite side of the car to the flat tyre.
Use the Right Tools
To undo and then replace the flat tire of your car, you will need a jack and a wheel brace. Next get down on your knees on the ground and try detecting small grooves on the underside of your vehicle. This is the exact place where you will need to position the jack. After the jack has been installed under the car, slowly turn the handle till you shift some of the car’s weight from the flat tyre.
Unfasten the Wheel Nuts
Unfasten the nuts without having jacked up the car. The use of right technique is more crucial than one’s strength at this juncture. Place the wheel brace on one of the wheel nuts and loosen it by turning in an anti-clockwise direction (looking at the wheel). Incase the wheel nut fails to budge easily and the brace is of a good fit on the nuts, then you can even use your foot on the wheel brace. Next use the jack to lift the car further up so that it is someway off the ground to accommodate the fully inflated tyre.
Remove the Flat Tyre
After all the wheel nuts have been removed, gently lift the wheel out from the car. At times the wheel tends to get stuck due to corrosion. If this happens, then install one nut back on the wheel. Next give the wheel a good kick in order to free it.
Replace with Good Tyre
Put the new tyre on the car. Make sure to place the tyre on with the air valve facing you. Take a cue from other the tyres while trying this step. Next tighten up all the wheel nuts one by one using your hand. Now use the wheel brace to provide the wheel nuts a small ‘pinch’ to tighten them. The reason why the nuts are not to be tightened fully at this point is because the car, being still placed on the jack, is not entirely stable.
Remove the Jack

Remove the jack diligently from under the car. The weight of the car will once again shift back to the wheels. Use the weight of your body to tighten all of the wheel nuts.

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