Removing the tinting off your car windows is not that difficult. Read this article to learn how to remove the tint film from your car windows effectively.

Removing Car Tinting

The sight of the tint film peeling off from the window can mar the appearance of any car, no matter how expensive and trendy. The tint may have initially added to the beauty of your car and kept it cool. But when peeling off, it does not only tend to obstruct one’s view but also tarnish the car’s overall attractiveness. As such, remove the tint film off from your car windows if it is peeling. Read the instructions below to learn how.
What You Will Require to Remove Car Tinting
  • Paper towels
  • Window cleaner
  • Black trash bags
  • Fine grade steel wool
  • Razor blades 
Preparation for Removing Car Window Tint
Step One – Wait for a warm, sunny day for removing the car window tint. The sun’s warmth will assist in removing the old window tint.
Step Two – Save two hours’ time to work for removing the car window tint. This also includes the time needed by your car to soak up the warmth of the sun.
Step Three - Park the car outside so that direct sunlight falls on it.
Step Four - Cut a garbage bag along its sides. This way you will have one large sheet of plastic.
Removing Tint from Rear Window of Car
Step One - Envelope the seats of your car with tarp or any such thing that will protect them from the spray debris.
Step Two – Next sprinkle window cleaner on the inside of the rear window of your car.
Step Three – Immediately press plastic garbage bag on the inside surface of the rear window of your car. Make sure you have covered all portions of the exposed glass.
Step Four – This process needs to be repeated about every 20 minutes for two hours. This way, you are basically steaming the tint off the car window.
Step Five – Next the razor blade will be used to peel off the plastic film at the corner of the car window, where there are no defroster lines. Try peeling off the plastic from the car window in one piece.
Step Six - Spray away some more window-cleaner on the car window while you remove the tint film. This will prevent the glue from drying up again.
Step Seven – You can scrub away the leftover adhesive using ammonia and fine steel wool. This is going to be time consuming, so have patience.
Removing Tint from Side Windows of Car
Step One – Get hold of the corner of the tint film with the razor blade.
Step Two – Keep on peeling the film away from the car window with the razor blade. You may have to remove it in many pieces.
Step Three – Work the razor blade over the entire surface of the car window to take off the remaining residue.
Step Four – Sprinkle the car window with window-cleaner liquid.

Step Five – Make use of towels and fine steel wool to clean the left out residue from the car windows.

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