The process of removing sticker from your car, if not undertaken properly, can lead to scratches on its surface. With this article, explore how to remove stickers from cars, easily.

How To Remove Stickers From Cars

How many times has it happened that you parked your car outside an amusement park or shopping mall and when you came back, after a day of fun and frolicking, there was a sticker glued on to your car window or any other surface? Are you tired of the old sticker adorning your car? In either of the circumstances, removing the sticker, if not undertaken with care, can leave a major scratch on your car. In order to help you out, we have provided instructions on how to remove stickers from cars, in the lines below.
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Removing Sticker From Your Car
Removing Car Sticker Using Isopropyl 
First of all, you need to try peeling off the sticker with the help of window scrapper. Next, use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the sticker. However, make sure not to overheat the paint, if the sticker is on a painted surface. After heating one section of sticker, try to peel it off, pulling it off at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the above two steps with the other sections of the sticker, till all of it comes off. To remove the sticker residue, make a solution of 1 cup rubbing alcohol and 1 cup water. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the alcohol solution on the residue and let it soak it for a few minutes. Rub off the sticker residue with the help of window scrapper or sand paper and wash the area with mild soap. Finally, polish the area using car wax.
Removing Car Sticker Using Fabric Softener 
Removing decals from cars become essential especially when you have bought it second hand. Although there are many commercial products, which remove decals from car, you need to pick one, which would not hamper your car’s glasses. You can also remove these car stickers with some things, which you would find at your home only. Car stickers can be cleaned with liquid fabric softener mixed with water, mineral oil and even acetone, which you would commonly find it nail polish remover. Add liquid fabric softener with any one of these things in the ratio of 50:50 and wash the stained area with the mixture. You could also use a window scrapper or even razor blade to scratch it out.
Removing Car Sticker Using Denatured Alcohol 
Dip a paper towel in denatured alcohol and use it to rub out on the car sticker. After a little residue is left, use the razor blade to scratch the sticker out. However, make sure that you don’t harm the car in the process. Keep the denatured alcohol away from children and pets.
Removing Car Sticker Using Cold Cream 
You could also use cold cream to take out car decals. It is easy, simple and you don’t have to shell out big bucks for getting it done. All you need to do is to apply cold cream over the car stickers. Leave it for half an hour and don’t let it dry. If needed apply some more over it. Now with the help of a razor blade, peel the sticker off.
Removing Car Sticker Using Cooking Oil 
You can even use cooking oil for removing car stickers. Apply little oil on the car stickers and let it set for fifteen minutes. Now with the help of a window scrapper or razor blade, scratch the car sticker.
Removing Car Sticker Using White Vinegar 
White vinegar is also helpful in getting rid of car stickers. Dab a paper towel with white vinegar and keep it on the car sticker for twenty minutes. The car sticker will come out itself.

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