Seeking professional help for removing tint from your car window can turn out to be very expensive. Explore the article for some useful tips on how to remove window tint on your own.

How To Remove Window Tint

While applying a tint can be very easy, its removal can be pretty difficult, especially without the knowledge of the right techniques. This is also the reason why many people seek professional help to remove window tint. However, removing the window tint on your own can save you a considerable amount of money. This can be done in an easy way, without putting in any exhaustive effort. The article brings you some tips on how to remove window tint. Read on to know the right procedure to do the same, along with the materials required.   
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Removing Car Window Tint
Razor Method
  • Single Edge Razor Blades
  • Paper Towels
  • Extreme Aerosol
  • Window Cleaner 
  • Roll down the windows of the vehicle to one-third, just enough for you to see the tint and the window.
  • Slide one of the single razor blades behind the tint. Start to peel the tint off, in your direction. Once you have peeled a big piece of tint, good enough for you to firmly hold in your hands, you can pull off the remaining tint by your hand. If there is any more tint piece left, follow the same process once again, using razor blades. (Note:  Roll the windows up while peeling the tint to remove the remaining tint from the bottom of the window).
  • After the entire tint has been removed, you will notice some residual glue left behind. Take any extreme aerosol spray and spray it right on wherever you see the glue residue. Use rest of the razors to scrape away the glue and repeat the process until you have removed all of it.
  • After removing the glue completely, spray generous amount of window cleaner on the window. This will work to remove any glue streaks or marks left on the window.  
  • Repeat the complete process on all the other windows as well.
Sun & Ammonia Method
Window tint can also be removed with the help of natural power of sun, coupled with ammonia. However, you will have to choose a sunny day to work on.
  • 2 large Trash Bags
  • Warm & Soapy Water
  • Diluted Ammonia
  • Steel Wool/ Razor Blade
  • Park your car in such a way that the tinted portion faces the sunlight.
  • The next step is to cut two large black trash bags in the shape of your window.
  • Wash the outside of the window with warm and soapy water. Thereafter, rinse the window and attach the trash bag to the window, using the left moisture. Smooth out the wrinkles in the bag.
  • Do the same thing on the inside of the window, but take care to soak the trash bags with diluted ammonia before attaching it to the windows.
  • Allow the film to heat under the sun. The black trash bags will work to speed up the process of heating, by absorbing light.
  • As the ammonia is working on the window tint while it is being heated, the layers of tint will loosen, facilitating their peeling off from the window. When you peel off the window tint, try to peel it all in one go.
  • If any tint residue is left after removal, use a very fine steel wool to remove it. You can also use a razor blade, though it may prove a little time-consuming.

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